‘Soccer Dog: European Cup’ (2004) so silly it’s fun

Soccer Dog: European Cup (2004)

It’s kind of strange that, of the little information on the web about Soccer Dog: European Cup, most of it is incorrect. Back in 2012, the imdb description used to say that this movie was about a pornstar running a Scottish team. Other sites say this sequel to Soccer Dog: The Movie is about an orphan, a tournament, etc. They’re all wrong — I guess no reviewers really watch these movies when they’re about a dog.

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‘Atlético San Pancho’ (2001) cows and Coca Cola

Atletico San Pancho (2001)

When a red Coca Cola soccer ball falls from the sky, the school janitor takes this as a sign that he must revive the soccer tradition of his village. With the help of a former pro who has come home to run his father’s tiny store, janitor Don Pepe assembles team Atlético San Pancho. The school team progresses to the Cocoa Cola Championship game, played in the Azteca stadium.

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‘Pilkarski Poker’ (1989) how to bribe Polish referees

Pilkarski Poker (1989)

In Pilkarski Poker (aka Soccer Poker), Laguna is a former star player who has risen to the top of the referee ranks despite his drinking. A co-op of owners bribes him to make calls that will ensure which team will win the premier league and which will be relegated. But Laguna hasn’t taken bribes before, and all is not as it seems.

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