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Why Does this Website Exist?

Published Oct-14-2014. Updated Feb-15-2017

In a Mutant Gene Podcast with Alexi Lalas in Dec-2016, Grant Wahl stated that he enjoys covering soccer for Sports Illustrated because

“The variety of great stories connected to the sport of soccer, because it is so global, is immense…”

– Grant Wahl

Maybe that’s why by my estimate, over 1,000 soccer/football movies have been made. By watching many films from around the globe, and then researching context and background, I have learned a lot about other cultures, societies, and time periods. I’ve also learned about the game and the sports/entertainment business. I try to share what I learn on this website.

How did this website get started?

In the summer of 2011, three happenstances launched this obsession. First, I developed horrible back pain and couldn’t play soccer or referee. Second, I got a netflix account. And third, I got old. So old, I couldn’t remember anything unless I wrote it down. To remember what movie I had seen, I needed to document it. I was a frequent poster on BigSoccer.com (BS), and I decided that would be an easy place to post as well as share with others.

After posting 50 soccer movie reviews on BigSoccer, I realized it was too hard to find a review. People would ask me to review a movie, and I would tell them I already had. They just couldn’t find it on BS.

In the back of my mind, I resolved I would put it all on an easy-to-use website. Finally, having just finished my Masters degree at SFSU, I had some time to learn WordPress. It took me 5 days to figure out WP, and I’m still working on it. But I have now transferred over all my content. I hope you enjoy it. As I get better at WP, perhaps I will enable user comments. But that’s gonna take awhile.

Where did you get the name SoccerMovieMom?

Last year, I was talking to my son about the future website, and he suggested the domain name. Smart guy, my son.

How does your family put up with your obsession?

My 3 kids are all soccer players. My daughter married a former Stanford player. In 2016, they gave birth to my awesome granddaughter. They were teaching her to kick the ball before she could walk.

Kicking the ball at 10 months from MJ Lee on Vimeo.

Only my husband sort of tolerates my soccer movie mania. My husband is also a referee (better than I am by far) and a former collegiate tennis player. A couple of years ago, he took up triathlons and is now nationally ranked. He’s a sweetie. He took me to Brazil for the 2014 World Cup to watch the USMNT play Portugal and Germany.

Did you ever get back to playing and refereeing soccer?

Thanks to the expertise of Dr. Darren Don at PAMF, I finally resolved my back pain with a cortisone infusion that was done under fluoroscope. The procedure worked, even though as it turned out, my insurer refused to cover it. I gradually got back to playing and refereeing, but it turns out that each time I finish rehab, I end up with a new injury within 6 months. And each new injury takes 6 to 18 months of more rehab. But I’m still out there, on and off, even tho I just had my 65th birthday.

Contact Me or send me your movie

If you wish a film to be reviewed, please Contact Me to make arrangements to send me a DVD or a complimentary link. Any DVDs will be donated to the Soccer Silicon Valley Community Fund for their next auction.

Hope you enjoy the show and find my reviews helpful! And ask Greg Lalas to invite me to his Kicking+Screening Film Festival. That would be cool!


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