100 Best Soccer Movies

Soccer movies can spark as much joy and sorrow as the game itself. On this website, I review football films and discuss the making of these películas de fútbol. To hear about new reviews, follow @SoccerMovieMom on Twitter. I’ve reviewed over 350 films, but there are ~600 more to watch. Enjoy!

(docu = documentary, rom-com = romantic comedy)

Bend It like Beckham200210
La Gran Final200610
The 99ers201310
Democracia em Preto e Branco (Democracy in Black and White)201410
Sommeren '92201510
Forever Pure201610
Mike Bassett: England Manager20019
The Miracle of Bern (Das Wunder von Bern)20039
Green Street Hooligans20059
Looking for Eric20099
Meninos de Kichute20109
The Team That Never Played20109
The Class of '9220139
Una Meravigliosa Stagione Fallimentare A Wonderful Season of Failure20159
Dirty Games20169
La Dream Team20169
Buscando a Marcos Ramírez20179
Flitzer (Streaker)20179
Holy Goalie20179
Save The Crew: The Fans vs The System20179
Soviet Football – The Untold Story’20179
Make Us Dream20189
Soccertown USA20189
Bigil (Whistle)20199
Mi Amigo Alexis20199
Take Us Home: Leeds United20199
Ted Lasso20209
The English Game20209
Yellow Cards for Equal Pay20209
The Great Game19538
History Of Soccer20018
Mean Machine20018
Shaolin Soccer20018
Dare to Dream20058
Goal! The Dream Begins20058
The Romanov Revolution20058
Romeo and Juliet Get Married20058
She's the Man20068
The Damned United20098
30 for 30: The Two Escobars20108
World Cup Soccer in Africa20108
Teufelskicker (Devil's Kicker)20108
The Other Chelsea20108
Cool Kids Don’t Cry20128
L'arbitro (The Referee)20138
Underdogs (Metegol)20138
Elite School20148
Istanbul United20148
Kicking Out Shoshana20148
The Opposition20148
AFC Bournemouth20158
Barça Dreams20158
Becoming Zlatan20158
The People of Nejmeh20158
The March of the White Elephants20158
Adidas vs PumaDuell der Brüder20168
Alive & Kicking: The Soccer Grannies of South Africa20168
Concrete Football (Ballon sur bitume)20168
Craiova versus Craiova20168
Funny Soccer20168
K-9 World Cup20168
Pelé: Birth of a Legend20168
San Bernardino Alive and Kicking20168
Coach Jake20178
Iron Men20178
Russia's Hooligan Army20178
Setenta y Sete20178
Alex & Me20188
American Fútbol20188
Cold Sweat20188
Comme des Garçons20188
Early Man20188
Final Score20188
Futbolistas 4 Life20188
In Search of Greatness20188
Take the Ball Pass the Ball20188
Back of the Net20198
Derby Days Berlin20198
Unbreakable - The Steve Zakuani Story20198
13 Lost20208
90 Minutos20208
All I Need is a Ball20208
Bedknobs and Broomsticks19717
Boh Ngau19837
Soccer's Hard Men19927
The Cup (Ph̦rpa)19997
The Match19997
The Forbidden Team20037
Guys and Balls20047
Once in a Lifetime - NY Cosmos20067
The Year My Parents went on Vacation20067
The 2006 FIFA World Cup Film: The Grand Finale20067
Boisko Bezdomnych (The Outsiders)20087
Kicking It20087
Walter Tull: Forgotten Hero20087
After the Cup: Sons of Sakhnin United20097
Les Arbitres20097
A Barefoot Dream20107
Inshallah, Football20107
Looking For...20107
One Night in Turin20107
Soccer's Lost Boys20107
El Crack20117
Laduma! Benin's Journey20117
The Four Year Plan20117
The Anderson Monarchs20127
Baghdad Messi20127
Sleeping Giant20127
Street Soccer: New York20137
Campo de Jogo (Sunday Ball)20147
Going Pro: American Soccer20147
Jack to a King20147
Mr. Smith20147
The Hooligan Factory20147
In the Game20157
Muerte o Gloria20157
New Generation Queens20157
Surviving and Soccer in Sierra Leone20157
The Goalkeepers' Union20157
Beirut Parc20167
Dennis Viollet: A United Man20167
George Best: All by Himself20167
Jules and Dolores20167
Les Bleus20167
Planet FIFA20167
Redemption Song20167
The Brothers Grimsby20167
The Other Kids20167
Yeşil Kirmizi (The Red Green)20167
End of Summer20177
Gold Stars: The Story of the FIFA World Cup Tournaments20177
Men in the Arena20177
Mi Mundial20177
The Streets Don't Lie20177
The FIFA Family20177
The Workers Cup20177
Nefta Football Club20187
Sudani from Nigeria20187
Sunderland ’Til I Die20187
The Falcons (Víti í Vestmannaeyjum)20187
The Keeper (Trautmann)20187
Men of Hope20197
Ordinary Gods20197
Real Kashmir FC20197
River, el más grande siempre20197
See You Soon (До скорой встречи)20197
Soccer in the City20197
The Rhino Cup20197
All or Nothing: Tottenham HotSpur20207
God Save the Wings20207
Still Defending20207
Captains of Zaatari20217
The Celtic Boys Club Scandal20217
The Arsenal Stadium Mystery19396
The Naked Man on the Sports Field19746
Centre Forward19786
Yesterday's Hero19796
Switching Goals19996
The Goal19996
Bossa Nova20006
El Portero (the Goalkeeper)20006
Mad About Mambo20006
DÌ_as de f̼tbol20036
Chivas USA: SÌ_ se puede20056
Kicking & Screaming20056
Lady Futbol (Lady Soccer)20056
The Art of Soccer with John Cleese20066
In the Hands of the Gods20076
Shaun the Sheep: Off the Baa! Season 120076
Carlitos y el Campo de los Sue̱os20086
Como no te voy a Querer20086
Kick Like a Girl20086
Soccer Mom20086
Jason Marriner – Football Hooligan20096
Total Football: the Movie20096
Bush League20106
I Scored a Goal in the FIFA World Cup Final20106
Montevideo, Taste of a Dream20106
Bad Parents20126
For the Glory20126
No Ball Games20126
Open Up to Me20136
Barbosa, the Man Who Made Brazil Cry20146
Ceasefire Massacre20146
Coach Zoran and his African Tigers20146
Die Mannschaft20146
Next Goal Wins20146
One Night in Istanbul20146
The El Paso Conquest20146
The Myth of Garrincha20146
This is Not a Ball20146
United Passions20146
We Must Go20146
Golden Shoes20156
Pups United20156
Sons of Ben20156
StreetKids United 2: The Girls of Rio20156
Bobby (Bo66y)20166
Celtic Soul20166
Desert Fire20166
Morris from America20166
The Nation Holds Its Breath20166
The Pass20166
Do You Want to Win?20176
En el Séptimo Día20176
Fuera de Juego (Offside)20176
Bobby Robson: More than a Manager20186
Nossa Chape20186
Seaside Town20186
Thai Cave Rescue20186
Britt-Marie was Here (Britt-Marie var här)20196
Gujarat 1120196
Roma Story: Edin Džeko20206
Fixed! a Football Comedy20206
Baggio: The Divine Ponytail20216
Gregory's Girl19815
Pilkarski Poker (Soccer Poker)19895
The Big Green19955
When Saturday Comes19965
Soccer Dog: The Movie19995
Air Bud: World Cup20015
Atl̩tico San Pancho20015
War Game20025
Soccer Dog: European Cup20045
Joyeux Noel20055
The Miracle Match (The Game of Their Lives)20055
Chronicle of an Escape20065
Goal Dreams20065
Shui Hu the Soccer Heroes20065
Game of Life20075
Goal 2: Living the Dream20075
Her Best Move20075
Below the Earth's Surface20085
Rudo y Cursi20085
F̼tbol Violencia S.A.20095
Downtown Dawgs20105
Hermano (Brother)20105
Lost in Africa20105
Reds & Blues20105
Soccer City20105
Meanwhile in Mamelodi20115
Rise & Shine: The Jay DeMerit Story20115
Soka Afrika20115
The Soccer Nanny (Au Pair Kansas)20115
The Magnificent Eleven20125
Playing For Keeps20125
The Beautiful Game20125
Thank God for Football20135
My Dad's a Soccer Mom20145
Mysteries of the Jules Rimet Trophy20145
Shooting for Socrates20145
The Prize20145
United We Fall20145
White, Blue and White20145
White Collar Hooligan 320145
Zanzibar Soccer Dreams20165
Foul Play20175
Making Shankly20175
Fan of Amoory20185
Hello Mr Billionaire20185
Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never to Play Football20185
Lethal Soccer Mom20185
Penalty Kick20185
The Bromley Boys20185
Soccer Mom Madam20215
Joe Bullet19734
The Boys in Company C19784
Those Glory Glory Days19834
The Final Goal19954
Fever Pitch19974
A Shot at Glory20004
The Beautiful Century20024
Garrincha, Estrella Solitaria (Lonely Star)20034
Inspector Mom20064
Dhan Dhana Dhan Goal20074
Walter's War20084
Sassy Player20094
Argentina Fútbol Club20104
The Referee (RÌ_ttskiparen)20104
I Play Soccer20114
American Pharaoh20144
Life of Ryan20144
On Angel's Wings20144
Kick – Sudden Death20154
The Trophy Thief20154
Línea de Cuatro20164
The Wrong Student20174
Infinite Football20184
Anelka: Misunderstood (Anelka: L'incompris)20204
Pele O'Rey19623
The Firm19893
Big Brother Trouble20003
Lesbians of Buenos Aires20043
The Goal20053
The Other Half20063
World Cup Car Soccer20063
La Copa de los Sue̱os20073
Forbidden Games: The Justin Fashanu Story20173
Fondi '9120133
Land of Storms (Viharsarok)20143
All the Freckles in the World20193
A Major Inconvenience19992
Home Team19992
Just For Kicks20022
Kick 'N Rush20032
Sexy Soccer20042
The Football Factory20042
Peloteros (Street Soccer)20062
Sixty Six20062
Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait20062
Mirage (Delibab)20142
Monkey in the Middle20142
Soccer Stories19971
Liberated Zone (Befreite Zone)20031
Barras Bravas (Azul y Blanco)20041
Personal Sergeant20041
Shaolin Family Soccer20041
When Beckham met Owen20041
Die Wilden Kerle 220051
El penalti mÌÁs largo del mundo20051
Eleven Men Out20051
Offside (Poland)20191