‘Courts of Belonging’ (2024) – street soccer in Maine

Courts of Belonging (2024) - Aerial view of Kenedy Park futsal court at night. Screenshot from the film.

Courts of Belonging is a 10-minute short film that expresses the benefits of playing soccer, facilitated by having a place to play. In Maine, the Kennedy Park futsal court creates a soccer melting pot, where migrants come together to enjoy the world’s game.

I review few short films, but this documentary from director Santiago Tijerina has a fresh and happy feel that really captures the benefits of street soccer, in Maine of all places.


The futsal court opened in 2021. Jon Cross founded a club, Kennedy Park FC, to bring migrants together and build community. While the film doesn’t cover his personal story, Jon Cross is all of a reformed drug addict, collegiate soccer player, soccer coach, and now drug counselor. He’s an interesting guy with a lot of charisma, and you can read more about him here and here.

8 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 8