A list of Homeless World Cup Films

The following soccer movies and football films are mostly documentaries that show how sport can result in social change. The players are all homeless and join teams to try and qualify for the Homeless World Cup. The discipline of teamwork helps get some of the players off the street. All of these films will make you think.

Boisko Bezdomnych20087Also known as The Outsiders, this Polish drama tells a fictional tale of a homeless alcoholic coach who trains his fellow homeless friends for the Homeless WC.
Downtown Dogs20105Only 3 members of a team from Calgary Street Soccer in Canada make it to the 2006 Homeless WC in South Africa
Kicking It200867 teams competing in the 2006 Homeless WC in South Africa
Street Soccer: New York20137A team from New York’s StreetSoccer USA competes in the 2009 Homeless USA Cup
Streetball20109A team from Cape Town competes in the 2008 Homeless WC in Melbourne
StreetKids United 2: The Girls of Rio20156The Favela Street Girls win the locally held 2014 Street Child World Cup
Zebras20166Argentinian boys attend the 2014 Street Child World Cup in Rio

Updated: Jan-31-2020, Mar-23-2020