Soccer Movies I Haven’t Seen

I have watched over 200 soccer movies, but there are another 400+ that I haven’t seen. The list is below. If your film is listed, and you would like me to review it on, please use the Contact Me page so that we can make arrangements for me to watch it.

DateTitle (UD = Under Development)
20151/11 Juichibunnoichi
201410000 Timmar (10,000 hours) (Sweden)
200915 Minutes That Shook the World (Liverpool)
19996:3 A.k.a. Past Plays Itself (HUN)
200966/67 - Fairplay war gestern
201789 (Arsenal)
201690 Years of PAOK (greece)
2017A Copa dos Refugiados (The Refugees Cup) (Brazil short)
??A CULPA É DO NEYMAR (The blame is on Neymar) - short
2002A Dirty Game (GER)
2014A Life for Football (Landauer - Der Präsident - German)
2014A son's promise - maracanazo
2015A wonderful season of failure
2012A World Not Ours (Alam laysa lana - not sure this is a soccer movie)
2005Af banen (We Are the Champions)
UDAFC Wimbledon
2010Africa United
2016African Legends of the Bundesliga
UDAfshan Ashiq stone-pelter film (India)
2009After the Cup: Sons of Sakhnin United
2017Alén do Cosmos - Beyond the cosmos
2018Alex & Me (USA)
UDAlive & Kicking
2015Alive & Kicking: The Soccer Grannies of South Africa
1997All Stars
2018American futbol
2011Amors Baller (Cupid's Balls)
1994An Impossible Job (Graham Taylor)
UDAngels vs Bullies 2
1972Another Sunday and Sweet FA
2018Arabian Warrior
2016Arangol (Venezuela)
2018Armageddon (Paul Larkuin scottish)
1989Aufbauer der Nation (German)
2015Aussie Chuk-gu Dream
2018Avondje NAC (dutch)
2009Away days
2016Back Four (Linea de Cuatro) (Argentina)
UDBack of the Net (Aus)
2014Backup Butembo
UDBaile Tokyo (under development - follows team's 2015 season)
1948Ball cloth
2003Barça! The Inside Story
2014Barca's Untold Legends (HUN)
2018Barefoot Warriors (Indian)
2002Bäst i Sverige! (We Can Be Heroes)
UDBattle for New York
2017BBC One - football and dementia
2016Becoming Zlatan
2002Beitar Provence
UDBert Trautmann biopic
2017Black and White Stripes the Juventus story
2010Black Diamond (by Pascale Lamche)
UDBlack Flash (Fulwell 73 feature film)
2003Black Flash: A Century of Black Footballers in Britain
2018Bobby Robson More than a Manager
2016Boniek and Platini (France Poland - short)
2017Brazilok (HUN) (comedy Brazilians)
2002Brum Soccer Hero (UK)
2015Calabash (UK)
2017Call Me Rico (short)
2018Campeones (MEX) docu
2018Campeones (ESP) comedy
2007Can Brains Better than Brawn
UDCaptain (about Indian V.P. Sathyan)
2009Captain Majid (Le pèlerin de Camp Nou)
1983Captain Tsubasa (Super Campeones, Oliver y Benji, Flash Kicker)
2012Carnaval (John Cusack)
2017Chiedi chi era Falcao (Ask who was Falcao)
2006Children of Jordan Valley (Goalkeepers) (Israel)
2002Ciudad de Dios
2016Ciudad Deportiva - El Documental (Miguel
2016Club Frontera
2018Coach (Russia)
2017Coach Jake
1999Colleagues (Les collègues)
2013Comme un lion (Little Lion)
2009Como No Te Voy a Querer
2015Copinha un Sentimiento (Brazil)
1979Coup de tête (Hothead)
2006Crab Goalkeeper (Kani Goalkeeper) (Japan)
2016Crazy for Football (Italy)
1995Cross my heart and hope to die
2008Crusade a March through Time
2017Dangerous Game (Calum Best)
2016Das ist unser Leben (It's our life)
2014De Pleintjes (Antwerp - The City Game) (Belgium)
2014Democracia em Preto e Blanco (Democracy in Black and White - Brazil)
2017Der Fall Mamić (Croatian corruption)
2011Der ganz große Traum (Lessons of a Dream)
2006Deutschland. Ein Sommermärchen
2013Diamantes Negros (Black Diamonds) (ESP)
2018Diamantino (comedy)
1997Didier (french)
UDDixie Dean biopic
2010DNA: The Brazil Sessions
2017Don't Take Me Home (Wales at Euro2016)
2014Dreamtown (Ecuador)
2007Eastern Promises
UDEgypt at WC 2018 - Mohamed Hafzy
2005Eine andere Liga
2008El Angel #10
2013"El Brujo" Frente al Espejo
2006El camino de San Diego (The Road to San Diego)
1972El Cholo, la rubia y el fútbol
2015El Cinco
2016El Equipo de mi Barrio (The team of my neighborhood) (Spain)
1956El Fenomeno
2018El Hincha (Peru short)
2015El Mundo de Mao (Spain short)
2012El Otro Futbol (Argentina)
2014El Otro Maradona (Argentina)
2011El Sueno de Ivan (The Dream of Ivan)
2016El Zurdo Sampaoli
2017End of Summer
2018Eres mi pasión (MEX)
2016Eritrea Stars (Netherlands)
2015Es war Liebe: Porträt über ein Leben für den Fussball (It was Love - Fielo)
2013Esos colores que llevás (Those colors that you wear) (ARG)
2014ESPN - Barbosa The Man Who Made All of Brazil Cry
2010ESPN - I Scored A Goal In The FIFA World Cup Final
2015ESPN 60: Sepp Blatter and FIFA - Jeremy Schaap
2012ESPN Defiance - The Story of FC Start
2015ESPN WWC vero short film
2006Estrellas de la Linea (The Railroad All-Stars)
2017Everything we could have wanted (Short)
2018Fan of Amoory (UAE)
1973Farewell Captain (Georgia short)
2001FC Kammeraterne (TV)
2013FC Rwanda (Netherlands)
UDFC Start (animation)
2005FC Venus (Finnish)
2006FC Venus - Made in Germany
2010FIFA Agent (Africa)
1973Fimpen (Sweden)
UDFinal Score (Diehard in a football stadium)
2009Finding Lenny
2015Fins al Final
2017Fire Mouth (Brazil short)
2013First Among Equals: The Laurie Cunningham Story (Fulwell 73)
2014Foot et immigration, 100 ans d’histoire commune (Football and Immigration, 100 years of common history)
1971Football as Never Before (England)
2010Football for Peace
2015Football Hell (Qatar docu)
2007Football Hooligans International (TV Series 2007)
2008Football Under Cover (Iranian women)
2017Football for better or for worse (Swedish womens team)
2018Fotbal infinit (Infinite Football) (Romania)
2017Foul Play (match-fixing in Asia) (Suridh Hassan)
2016Frãtia (Romania)
2017From the North: Faribault Boys Soccer (MNUFC)
2010From the Offside (amateur gay footballers in Germany) (short) (LGBT)
2017Fuera de Juego (Out of Play: Homosexuality in Spanish Football) (LGBT)
2000Fußball ist unser Leben (football is our Life, Football is OK)
1971Fußball wie noch ni (Football As Never Before)
2007Futbaal: The Price of Dreams
1988Futbol de Alcoba
2007Futbol fanatico
UDFutbolistas 4 Life (Oakland, CA)
2009Futebol de Causas
2005Garpastum (Russia)
2006Garcon stupide (France LGBT)
1963Garrincha: Hero of the Jungle (Allegria do Povo)
2015Geraldinos (Brazil)
2016Get Shirty
UDGhana football corruption (by Aremayaw Anas)
2005Gilles (Buitenspel)
2005Ginga: The Soul of Brasilian Football
2017Glasgow 1967: The Lisbon Lions (BBC TV)
UDGlory (India)
2013Gol de cuba
2003Good Bye Lenin! (Germany)
2012Green is the Colour (TV series) (Ireland)
1968Ha-Shehuna Shelanu
2014Half time and down
2018Hajduk Split (Croatia) (Copa90 short)
2010Happyland (Philippines)
UDHarry Redknapp movie
2013Hear This (Netherlands short)
2006Helden 06
2016Hero Steps (Pasos de Heroe) (Colombia)
2015Hijos Nuestros (ARG)
1984Hip Hip Hurray
2008History of the MLS Cup
2017Hombre de Fe (Keylor Navas bio)
2018Home + Away
2018Hooligan Escape: The Russian Job
2003Hooligans and Thugs - Soccer's Most Violent Fan fights
2016Hopp Suisse! (homeless WC)
2017Horacio & Johan (short)
1979Hothead (France)
1970How the Cossacks Played Football (Kak kazaki v futbol igrali )
2015I believe in Miracles
1971I Due Maghi Del Pallone
1995I.D. (about infiltrating a hooligan group)
2017Icarus (Russian doping)
2008If England Expects (Graham Taylor)
1970Il Presidente del Borgorosso FC
1976Il profeta del gol
1984Il tifoso
2011Il tifoso larbitro e il calciatore
2014Ilusión Nacional (MEX)
2015Im Derbydreieck
2017Immer Weider Geht die Sonne Auf (Again and Again the Sun Rises)
2004In Orange (In Oranje)
1978İnek Şaban
2018Infinite Football (Fotbal Infinit) (Romania)
UDIniciales SG (Initials SG) - ARG LEB or TX
2016Inside a Volcano - the rise of Icelandic Football
2018Iragartze (female referee) (short)
2014Italia 90 (Costa Rica)
2016Ivans Fußballtalente
UDJamie Vardy movie
2015Javier Zanetti Capitano da buenos aires
1971‎Joe Bullet
2004Johan Cruyff at one point
2018Johor Bahru 1997 (Japan)
2017Journeyman Finds Home (Azkal Simone Rota)
2017Kaiser: The Greatest Footballer Never To Play Football,
2008Kategorie C
2013Keane and Vieira - Best of Enemies
2017Kenny (Dalglish)
1974Kiarostami (Little Traveler) (Iran)
2015Kick (thriller/horror)
2002Konspiration 58 (TV)
2016Korobka (Pitch) (Russia)
2012Kulman pojat (Fanatics)
2018Kung Fu(tbol)
2012Ladies' Turn (Senegal)
2014Landauer - Der Präsident (A Life for Football)
1974L'arbitro (Joan collins)
2009L'arbitro - Italian movie about a corrupt referee
2018Largo Tiempo (Peru)
2011L'Equip Petit (short - kinda boring)
1994Le Ballon d'Or (Mali or Guinea)
2004League of Legends (short)
2014Les Rayures du zèbre (Belgium)
2012Les Rebelles du Foot (Football Rebels 2 - there must be a 1 as well?)
1998Les Yeux dans les bleus
2016L'etranger (Belgium)
2012Liga Terezin
2014Little Azkals
2016Llegando a casa (Mexico)
2016Lobanovskiy Forever (Russia)
2013Locke (not really a soccer movie?)
2006Long Flat Balls
2008Long Flat Balls II
2012Looking for Barcelona (Eric Cantona)
2015Loro di Napoli
2017Los Futbolísimos (Spain)
2016Los Pibes (Argentina)
2008Love Soccer and other Catastrophes (Amore, bugie & calcetto - italian)
2015Making History - Orlando City FC
UDManCity docu by Amazon
1981Manni der Libero (TV series)
1978Manny's Orphans
2008Maradona (France)
2017Maradonapoli (ITA)
2017Marcel Koller - A life for football (German)
UD?March (after fukushima)
1937Marcha del foot-balll (Argentina) - aka The Giles Gunship?
UDMartyrs 87
2012Матч (Match)
2018Messi & Me (short)
2013Mi Marido (Argentina)
2017Mi Mundial (Uruguay)
2016Miller & Fried: The Birth of Football's Nation (Brazil)
UDMonsoon Football (India)
2007More than Just a Game
2015Mundial. Gra o wszystko (Mundial. The Highest Stakes)
2015Mustang (Turkey)
1999My Name is Joe
1998My Summer With Des
2014Mysteries of the Jules Rimet Trophy - ESPN 30for30
UDNagraj Manjule film (India)
2015NBCSN A day in the life
2015NBCSN Arsenal immortality
2012No Apologies
2005No Ordinary Joe (England LGBT short)
1993Nordkurve (North Curve) (Germany)
2018Nos Llaman Guerreras (They Call us Warriors) (Venezuela)
2018Nossa Chape
1999Nostalgia en la Mesa (argentina - short)
2015November 16
2018Number 12 (Ghana referee bribes)
2005O Dia em Que o Brasil Esteve Aqui (Caito Ortiz)
2015O futebol (On Football)
2006Offside (Swedish)
2014Offside Istanbul
2013Okolo futbola (Russian hooligans)
2016Ola Bola! (Malaysia)
2018On the Bench (short)
2017Once Machos (11 Males) (Peru)
2016One Goal- African Footballers in India
2016One Team: The Story of the Lewiston High School Blue Devils
2016Oor Wally (short)
2015Os boias-frias do futebol (Brazil short)
2011Pablo y El Mundial (Argentina - short)
2015Papeles en el viento (Papers in the Wind) (ARG)
2015Paul Gascoigne documentary
2016Pavel Nedved and his Destiny
2016Penalty (Italy on refuges - short)
2018Phenoms (Zimbalist brothers)
1974Playing the Field (L'arbitro - Italian movie with Joan Collins - aka Football Crazy
UDPohuna (India)
2000Purely Belter
2009Puskás Hungary
2017Ref: Stories from the Weekend
Referees Welcome (short on Syrian refuge referee)
1973Régi idők focija (Football of the Good Old Days)
2013Return to Homs
UDRoads to Olympia
2018Ruth (Portugal)
1956Saeta Rubia
2015Scorecard Rwanda (short)
1998Scotland v England
1996Scotland v England
2014Scouting for Zebras (Les rayures du zèbre - Belgium)
2014See you in Montevideo
2017Shankly: Nature's Fire (Scotland)
1994Shoot! (Japanese SMAP boy band)
2014Shooting for Socrates (Northern Ireland vs Brazil)
2017Should you be afraid of the Russian World Cup? (short)
2010Slaves to Football (short)
2013Sleeping Giant: An Indian Football Story
UDSlum Soccer (India)
1997Snapshots from a .500 season
1961Soccer Fans (Slovakia)
2007Soccer Heroes (Chinese)
2017Soccer Killer (Chinese)
2016Soccer My Saviour
2003Soccer's Most Violent Fan Fights
2014Stickers: Collecting Fever (Germany)
2009Stingers Rule!
2011Street Kids United (Brazil)
2015Street Kids United II: The Girls from Rio (11mm Brazil)
UDStreet Kids United III: The Road to Moscow
2010Streetball (2008 homeless WC)
1974Stubby (Sweden)
2018Sudani from Nigeria (India)
2014Sunakali (Nepal)
UDTake the ball pass the ball (Barcelona)
2015Tangier Gool (Spain)
2016Team Gaza
2018Testosterone controlled - When football players become men (GER) (short)
2016The 90 Minute War (90 Minuten - Israel Germany)
1939The Arsenal Stadium Mystery
UDThe Big Fix
2018The Bromley Boys
1974The Butt (Fimpen)
2010the Colors of the Mountain (Los colores de la montana)
2015The Fall Kings (Miguel Echegaray) (short)
2014The Football Effect (south africa docu)
1976The Football Incident (France China short)
2013The Game (Cuba LGBT)
2002The Game of their lives (North Korea)
1999The Goal (India)
2005The Goal (wheelchair soccer?)
1972The goalie's anxiety at the penalty kick
1930The Great Game
1942The Great Game (Das große Spiel) - Robert Stemmle
1953The Great Game
1993The heartbreak kid (Australia)
2017The Lane (tottenham stadium)
2013The Last Match (gay, Cuba)
UDThe Lights of Rome (maybe 2016)
2009The Locker Room
2015The Lord of Milan
2017The Mia san Mia Phenomenon (Bayern)
2014The Opposition
2010The Other Chelsea (Shakhtar Donetsk)
2003The Other Final
2014The Other Side of Brazil's World Cup
2009The Positive Ladies Soccer Club (TV short)
2006The Real Football Factories (TV series)
UDThe Reggae Boys (GER)
2010The Rimet Trophy
2014The Second Game (Al doilea joc) (Romania)
2010The Shouting Men
2000The Soccer Boy (Fodbolddrengen)
2015The Southampton Way
2007The Squad
2005The Team
2010The Team
2012The Third Half (Macedonia)
1962The Third Half (Третий тайм)
1974The Traveler (Iran)
1929The winning goal
2005The World at their Feet
2000There's Only One Jimmy Grimble
2018This Is Naija - A Nigerian Football Story (Nike short)
1966Tirando a gol
2011Tom Meets Zizou
1977Tomka and his Friends (Albania)
UDToni Kroos bio
UDTrailblazers (Asians in FA football)
2017Tu Hai Mera (Mumbai comedy)me
2018Tuya, mía... Te la apuesto (MEX)
1961Two Half-Times in Hell (The Last Goal) (HUN)
2012Two Nil
2016U-31 (Under-31) (Japan)
1991Ultra (Italian)
2006Un jour d'ete (France LGBT)
2013Un Lugar Mejor (A Better Place) (short)
2015Un Obus Partout (short)
1952Una calle entre tu y yo
2003United (Norwegian)
2010Uno, la historia de un gol (El Salvador)
1998Up n under
2016Vegalta (Fukushima tsunami)
2014Viejos Amigos (Good Old Boys)
UDVijay Barse film
2008Villa (Argentina)
2015Virage Nord (Match Day)
2015Voetbalmiljonair uit Oost (Soccer Millionaire from East)
1982Volver a empezar
2015What Politica - a non political football story (Greece)
2016Whites vs Black: How Football Changed a Nation
2009Wie im falschen Film (We’re in the wrong film) - 45 mins
2013Wimie (Poland LGBT)
2013Wir die Wand
2018World Cup of Spies (GER?)
2014World Cup Victory Under Tortute (GER)
2000Yellow Card
2016Yesil Kirmizi (The Red Green) (TUR)
2016Yong Ye Qui Chang (short animation)
2017You'll Never Walk Alone
2012Zero a Zero
UDZero to Hero (India)
2016Zweikämpfer (Two Fighters)