Movie Review Ratings

How @SoccerMovieMom Rates the Movies

At the bottom of each movie review posting is “Soccer Movie Mom Rating =” followed by a number from 1 (worst) to 10 (best). I base my movie rating on:

  • how well the movie tells its story, how entertaining it is
  • how good is the soccer, and
  • how well does it communicate the passion for soccer.

You can’t go wrong with movies rated R8 to R10

  • R10 Rating = 10 out of 10 – the best – top of the table
  • R9 Rating = 9 out of 10 – excellent
  • R8 Rating = 8 out of 10 – very good

Movies rated R5 to R7 are worth your time

  • R7 Rating = 7 out of 10 – pretty good
  • R6 Rating = 6 out of 10 – worth watching
  • R5 Rating = 5 out of 10 – average

After watching movies rated R1 to R4, you might want your time or money back 

  • R4 Rating = 4 out of 10 – a little below average
  • R3 Rating = 3 out of 10 – pretty ho hum
  • R2 Rating = 2 out of 10 – painful to watch
  • R1 Rating = 1 out of 10 – don’t watch this even if they pay you

See the tag cloud page for a distribution of the ratings.

I spend about 3-5 hours on each movie: 1.5 to 2 hours to watch it, 1.5 to 3 hours to research the movie’s background, and then the writeup. It has been my obsession to watch and review all soccer movies since 2011.

How Many Soccer Movies are out There?

While I have viewed almost 200 movies, there are over 200 more that I haven’t seen. Plus, in advance of the World Cup or other major championships, new soccer movies premiere around the world, lengthening my To Do list. The problem is that I don’t want a burgeoning DVD collection, or else the movie isn’t available/playable in my area (most soccer movies originate outside the USA).

If you wish a film to be reviewed, please Contact Me to make arrangements to send me a DVD or a complimentary link. Any DVDs will be donated to the Soccer Silicon Valley Community Fund for their next auction.

And ask Greg Lalas to invite me to his Kicking+Screening Film Festival. That would be cool!