Soccer Movies When You’re Depressed

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Has life got you so far down, you can’t get off the couch? Your significant other left you? Your best friend lost your phone number? Your child wants someone else to be his/her parent? Your parent wants someone else to be his/her child? You’ve been in 4 years of despair with President #45 and he refuses to leave office?

OK, some days are really bad. Watching a lot of soccer movies probably won’t help. But if you could pick just one soccer movie to make you laugh and feel better, try one of these to help forget your problems. Just don’t overdo.

Listed in alphabetical order, one of these movies should get you laughing again:

  • Flitzer – An outstanding comedy about a gang of Streakers in Suisse football. The funniest football comedy yet.
  • Ladybugs – with Rodney Dangerfield. This is not a kids movie, and it’s funny throughout.
  • Looking for Eric – with Eric Cantona. Listening to him is better than committing suicide.
  • Mascots – by Christopher Guest. If you liked “Best in Show”, there’s no need to say more.
  • Mean Machine – with Vinnie Jones in a starring role. Wish there had been more of these.
  • Mike Bassett: England Manager – with Ricky Tomlinson. This movie is not that far off from the real thing, and funny throughout.
  • Perder es ganar un poco – a clever Colombian film where a high tech exec learns why we should celebrate losing.
  • The Hooligan Factory – sex, nudity, violence in the spirit of a laugh while spoofing the hooligan movie genre

Be good to yourself, ok?

A public service message from @soccermoviemom

Updated Feb-12-2018, Dec-29-2020, Jan-24-2024