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My Favorite Soccer Podcasts

  • The Cooligans: a Comedic Soccer Podcast – Just like the pod name says, this pod is by 2 New York comedians, Christian Polanco and Alexi Guerreros, who talk about soccer — somewhat — and try to broadly cover MLS and the EPL. They are so funny and clever that they are one of the highlights of my workout week. They also excel at conducting interviews. 
  • We the People USMNT Podcast – 2 brothers who love the Nats, although isn’t it tragic that there is nothing to talk about in 2018?
  • The Benny and Sal Podcast – real pod name is “BSI the Podcast” with Benny Feilhaber, Sal Zizzo, with Ike Opara interrogating guests with tough questions. This pod, by current and retired MLS players, is even less about soccer than the Cooligans, if that is possible. Still, it’s fun to listen to millenial footballers talk about living the dream while raising kids. They too escape by nerding out on Game of Thrones and fantasy football.
    • Benny and Ike went off to new pastures, and the podcast became The Soccer Soup Podcast with Alan Gordon, Dan Gargan, and Sal Zizzo. Not sure if this pod is now on hiatus.
  • Planet Fútbol with Grant Wahl – Insightful interviews on all things football. During the pandemic, Grant left Sports Illustrated and started a new fee-based podcast, but I have not yet subscribed to it.

Another Soccer Movie Review Website!

  • Yes, someone in Chile is as obsessed as I am.
  • I was contacted via twitter by Aldo Schiappacasse. His website is much more extensive than mine – over 400 soccer movies! Aldo is a journalist and Sports radio commentator for Teletrece and Tele13Radio.
  • On twitter in Spanish @AldoRomuloS

A French website of Films de foot and other stuff!

The Football Scholars Forum

  •  Alex Galarza and Peter Alegi started The Football Scholars Forum in 2010 as an academic book club at Michigan State University. Their website is a virtual fútbol think tank of discussions and presentations on books, films, and events. I have emailed them many times to ask if I could join, but no one has ever replied to my requests. 😭

Soccer and Politics


  • On, I link to IMDB and wikipedia as definitive reference sources. However, I recently (dec-2016) came across the Letterboxd app, which is a social network for film fans.
  • Search for “soccer” and it shows hundreds of relevant soccer movies. I found over 50 movies to add to my to-watch list. (Actually, that’s not a good thing…) There are a couple other football movie lists.
  • All the movie reviews are submitted by fans. Some of the films don’t have descriptions, and some of the reviews are not in English. But out of all the searching I’ve done across the internet, Letterboxd has been the easiest English language source for me to find soccer movie titles. Of course, is now the best English-language source!
  • On Dec-29-2017, I uploaded to Letterboxd a spreadsheet of all the films I have reviewed, which link back to About 30 of the films were not in the letterboxd database.  The uploaded films appear in my “diary”.

Howler Magazine

Howler Magazine probably doesn’t publish anymore, but when it was in print, it had creative, thoughtful articles and incredible graphics. A website still exists.

On twitter @whatahowler

Discontinued Soccer Stuff

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