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  • ‘Captains of Zaatari’ (2021) raises awareness

    ‘Captains of Zaatari’ (2021) raises awareness

    Imagine a film where Cinderella goes to the ball, has her magical moment, and then returns to the cinders to make the best of her life as a servant to a cruel family. If you know Cinderella, you know she is resilient, and she will keep singing and will find friendly relationships to sustain her,…

  • ’17’ (2017) is the Jordan we are meant to see

    ’17’ (2017) is the Jordan we are meant to see

    I viewed the documentary 17 at the 2017 Arab Film Festival in San Francisco. The purpose of the festival, now in its 21st year, is to challenge the Arab stereotypes that have been promulgated in American culture. The festival films “reflect the varied realities of Arab lives around the world.”