Notes: San Jose Earthquakes stadium articles

Quakes Rally aug-2004

I had to clean out my desk and get rid of all my paper files. I found a few stadium-related articles I had saved from 2002-2007. That was a really dark time for Quakes fans. AEG couldn’t get the stadium deal it wanted, so MLS let them move the team to Houston.

I wanted to save these newspaper clippings, so I scanned them (so to speak) and created an 8.3 MB PDF. It’s too big to post on BigSoccer, so I’m putting the archive here for posterity.

Review: Buscando a Marcos Ramirez (2017)

Buscando a Marcos Ramírez (2017)

I was thoroughly enchanted by Buscando a Marcos Ramírez, the first soccer movie I have seen from Costa Rica. In the story, Marcos’ single mom has named him for the popular eponymous children’s book and given him a love of reading. But when she dies, he must move from the simple countryside to the unwelcoming home of his grandfather in the city of San José, Costa Rica.

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Review: Mi Mundial (2017)

Mi Mundial (2017)

Mi Mundial is a charming Cinderella-like football tale, except this Cinderella returns to the ashes of his old life. This futbol pelicula is based on the 2010 children’s book of the same name, by former Uruguayan futbolista Daniel Baldi. A prolific author of mostly juvenile books mostly about football, Baldi uses much of his life in his stories, and he made sure that the film stayed true to its origin and message.

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