Cultural Documentary

Tibet is ‘The Forbidden Team’ (2003) in FIFA

A Dane who spent time in a Tibetan monastery, Michael Nybrandt realizes his dream to organize an international match between Tibet and Greenland. Neither team is recognized by FIFA.

China tries to block the game because Tibet is part of China. Greenland’s own application to join FIFA could be jeopardized by playing.

Comedy Cultural

Young monks get to watch ‘The Cup’ (1999)

You don’t expect much to happen in a Buddhist monastery. So it is not surprising that Phörpa (The Cup) is very slow paced. A spirited young soccer-obsessed monk defies the monastery’s way of life in order to watch World Cup 1998. But the abbot, although he does not understand why men fight over a ball for a cup, eventually accepts that Buddhism can coexist with football, and the boys scramble for the funds to rent a satellite dish and TV before the final.