A Game of Three Halves (2020)

Expressive animation in ‘A Game of Three Halves’ (2020)

A Game of Three Halves comes to us from Australia. It is a 5-part online series in partnership with Copa90, and each episode is 4 minutes long. I watched it as a 22-minute short film on Kanopy.

The episodes are all abstract animations with narrated essays that depict

  1. Where the F&*k is Hamish?!? – Max Rushden on the joys and frustrations of grass roots football and running a Sunday league team.
  2. Sara – a female Iranian fan on the dangers of trying to attend a game in Iran, and her experience at the Iran vs Morocco game at WC 2018.
  3. Keepers – Jonathan Wilson on the qualities of being a goalkeeper — their best games come when they are over-matched.
  4. All Hail the Wild Boars – Joel Golby compares the Thai Cave Rescue of the Wild Boars soccer team with the triumphs at WC 2018.
  5. Zidane Headbutt – A collection of Youtube musings on the moment of insanity by one of football’s greats, which became an early meme.

Director Matthew Bate has directed some feature length films and possesses an extensive listing of short films. If 3 Halves is any indication, looking into his other films is probably a good exercise.

8 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 8


  • Released: 2020 (Internet)
  • IMDB
  • 22 minutes
  • I watched this on Kanopy
  • Director: Matthew Bate
  • Stars: NA
  • No Trailer, but you can see the summary on OVID.tv