Jason Marriner Football Hooligan (2009)

‘Jason Marriner – Football Hooligan’ (2009) and one man show

Is there life after football hooliganism? This short documentary on Jason Marriner tells us, if nothing else, that hooligans retain many fond memories, most of which as perpetrators they can’t really talk about on screen.

And the other reason they can’t talk about it is because they want you to read their book instead.

But don’t let me dissuade you from watching this film. Jason Marriner is a charming, garrulous guy. I could listen to him for another hour. Post-prison, his gift of the gab enabled him to become a bit of a public speaker and hooligan pundit.

In fact, one reason I recommend this film is because it could be a master class on English slang and swearing.

In the documentary, Marriner talks about how he sort of fell into the Chelsea Headhunters. For him, it was a bunch of blokes going to the same games, who became like family. They were there for each other, and the coordinated bust-ups and mayhem were part of the camaraderie.

Marriner ended up being sentenced to 6 years in prison, of which he served almost 3 years. He talks about BBC’s Donal MacIntyre, who moved in next door and gathered evidence against him.

What’s Jason Marriner doing today?

This film is over 10 years old. Marriner is now in his 50s, but I couldn’t find much on what he is doing today. His twitter account was banned. I wish him well because he’s obviously very smart.

Marriner has quite a few scenes playing the game. This film is very unusual in that he is the only person interviewed. I plan to read his 2009 book, which surprisingly is available via my public library. I may update this review if that book influences my opinion of the man.

6 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 6