One Night in Turin (2010)

‘One Night in Turin’ (2010) so vivid it makes people cry again

I imagine One Night in Turin is very difficult to watch if you were an England fan during their semi-final shoot-out loss to West Germany in World Cup 1990. Writer-Director James Erskine captures the many emotions and struggles of the country, the coach, the team (including Paul Gascoigne), and its fans. Apparently for some, this film is so dead-on that it causes players to bring back the tears they shed that night in Turin.

The film also shows how hooliganism lead to the ban of English clubs from European play, the economy was in shambles, and how media muckrakers pursued the players and called for Coach Bobby Robson‘s ouster. But as Robson points out, if you get it all right on the field, the rest will go away.

And so it does. Having played heroically and creatively, when the losing team returns home, they are mobbed in a massive celebration.

Erskine apparently dug through archives to resurrect marvelous footage of the period and the games, giving the film a real insider feel. It’s hard to believe he put this piece of history together in 6 months. Gary Oldman narrates (this is his second soccer film).

7 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 7