‘The FIFA Family’ (2017) – a never-ending corruption story

Thank DR, the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, for bringing the stories of Chuck Blazer and the corruption behind the Qatar World Cup to the public in such an easily digestible form.The FIFA Family: A Love Story dissects how Blazer’s plea deal to become an undercover informant led to the arrest of 6 members of the FIFA Executive Committee (Ex-Co) on May 27, 2015.

Cultural Drama Suspense

‘Lost in Africa’ (2010) doesn’t flinch

Behind the benign title of Lost in Africa is a thriller that embodies every mother’s worst nightmare: her child vanishes. It’s not really a soccer movie as much as it is a reflection of the hard and dangerous life in Kiera, a Kenyan shanty town. 


The Danish giant-killers of ‘Sommeren ’92’ (2015)

Sommeren '92 (2015)

Small country. Wasn’t supposed to be there. Fairytale run. Are we talking about Iceland at Euro 2016? Nope! Before Iceland’s feel-good story, there was a more unbelievable tale. In Sommeren ’92, Writer-Director Kasper Barfoed immortalizes Denmark’s giant-killing performance at the 1992 UEFA European Championship. 

Cultural Documentary

Tibet is ‘The Forbidden Team’ (2003) in the eyes of FIFA

The Forbidden Team (2003)

A Dane who spent time in a Tibetan monastery, Michael Nybrandt realizes his dream to organize an international match between Tibet and Greenland. Neither team is recognized by FIFA.

China tries to block the game because Tibet is part of China. Greenland’s own application to join FIFA could be jeopardized by playing.


‘Kick ‘N Rush’ (2003) egregious coming of age tale

Kick 'N Rush (2003)

I know I’m in for a bad night when a movie starts off with a masturbation scene. Kick ‘N Rush keeps moving very very slowly down that path and doesn’t get any better.