The best soccer dog movie is ‘Pups United’ (2015)

Pups United (2015)

Pups United is a feel-good family film featuring soccer and dogs. I rate it a little higher than the 3 other dog-centric soccer movies I’ve seen. The soccer is pretty good, and the two bad guys (Andrew Tarr and Paul Lang) are very funny.

They are bumbling criminals trying to retrieve stolen software that they’ve hidden inside the trophy for the Kids International Cup tournament. Each tournament team has a dog mascot, and these dogs help thwart the criminals.

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‘Soccer Dog: European Cup’ (2004) so silly it’s fun

Soccer Dog: European Cup (2004)

It’s kind of strange that, of the little information on the web about Soccer Dog: European Cup, most of it is incorrect. Back in 2012, the imdb description used to say that this movie was about a pornstar running a Scottish team. Other sites say this sequel to Soccer Dog: The Movie is about an orphan, a tournament, etc. They’re all wrong — I guess no reviewers really watch these movies when they’re about a dog.

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