Soccer Dog: The Movie (1999)

‘Soccer Dog: The Movie’ (1999) well done in good fun



In Soccer Dog: The Movie, a 34 year old man, who grew up in a orphanage, moves to a true soccer town. Realizing he can’t participate in the fun without a son, he and his wife return to the orphanage to adopt a young teenage boy, who subsequently brings home a stray dog.

When a player gets sick during a game, the coach subs in the dog to prevent a forfeit. The dog has a nose for the ball and leads the team to the championship while at the same time cementing the relationship between the orphan and his new dad.

Soccer Dog seems to have been made for TV. It is actually very well put together with many recognizable TV faces. Sam McMurray puts in a humorous performance as the clueless coach who rides the dog’s fame to glory. Parts of the movie are absurd, and the soccer laws are stretched in more ways than just allowing a dog to play, but it’s all in fun.

Even though no soccer consultant is listed on the film, the play looks authentic, as it seems they found quite a few good local players in Vancouver, Canada. Roger Schumacher is the animal trainer.

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5 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 5