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  • A perfect 10 – ‘Lionesses: How Football Came Home’ (2022)

    A perfect 10 – ‘Lionesses: How Football Came Home’ (2022)

    When a football documentary is really great, it makes you root for and admire the players even though they are normally your opponents. As a long time USWNT fan since WWC 1999, I thought I would watch this docu and maybe learn a few things about England’s WNT, also known as the Lionesses. Instead, I…

  • ‘King Otto’ (2021) wins your heart

    ‘King Otto’ (2021) wins your heart

    What does it mean to be Greek? King Otto shows us through the initial friction between and then a melding of German and Greek cultures on a football pitch. Combining ambitious German discipline with Greek passion and spirit, the result is an improbable underdog run through the 2004 Euros. Like Morocco’s recent run through WC…

  • The Danish giant-killers of ‘Sommeren ’92’ (2015)

    The Danish giant-killers of ‘Sommeren ’92’ (2015)



    Small country. Wasn’t supposed to be there. Fairytale run. Are we talking about Iceland at Euro 2016? Nope! Before Iceland’s feel-good story, there was a more unbelievable tale. In Sommeren ’92, Writer-Director Kasper Barfoed immortalizes Denmark’s giant-killing performance at the 1992 UEFA European Championship.