Cultural Documentary

‘Yeşil Kirmizi’ (2016) – The many ways Turks oppress a club

Yeşil Kirmizi or The Red Green (2016)

The title Yeşil Kirmizi refers to green and red, the colors of Amedspor, a Kurdish team that in 2016 played in the third division of Turkish football. To Americans, that sentence sounds harmless, but in Turkey, four of those words could be inflammatory. To strongman Erdogan’s Turkish government, professing Kurdish ethnic identity is tantamount to treason and the support of terrorism. 

Cultural Drama

‘Takim’ (2015): A Film to Smile About

Takim: Mahalle Aşkina!

Writer-Director Emre Sahin and his successful production company Karga7 like to draw stories and real topics from the real world.


Brave souls unite behind football in ‘Istanbul United’ (2014)

Istanbul United (2014)

No words can adequately describe the courage and madness in fighting a government’s violence against its people. To understand this, you must watch it unfold. See how football fans influenced the 2013 Gezi protest in Turkey.

Cultural Documentary

Turkish fans under oppression in ‘Ayaktakimi’ (2015)

Ayaktakimi (2015)

In Turkey, Supporters Groups are the real fans, and everyone else is just a spectator. Filmmakers Naz Gündogdu and Friedemann Pitschak have documented a life that Americans have not yet experienced: being a fan in the face of political oppression.