Review: The Match (1999)

The Match (1999)

The Match is a sweet spin on the underdog theme. The story is set in a picturesque Scottish village, the teams represent two pubs in a 100-year competition, and this is the year that winner takes all.

For such a seemingly small film, it includes a number of big-time actors who contribute good performances: Richard E Grant, Ian Holm, Tom Sizemore, and Pierce Brosnan. For some reason, the British reviews of this movie are quite harsh. But the soccer is good (tho minimal), the story is well-told, and the cinematography is excellent. It is the classic sports movie plot of “inept team triumphs over elite bad guys after inspirational speech”.

In the UK, the title was The Beautiful Game.

7 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 7


Release Date: 1999-08-13 (UK)
Director: Mick Davis