Walter Tull: Forgotten Hero (2008)

‘Walter Tull: Forgotten Hero’ (2008) preserves his legacy

Nicholas Bailey says he spent 7 years trying to get this documentary made, and soccer movie enthusiasts should be glad he persisted. Walter Tull: Forgotten Hero covers Tull’s life from childhood to Black British footballer to World War 1 Black British officer and member of the Football Battalion.

The film sets Tull’s struggles and successes in the harsh context of British orphanages and racism. Bailey also visits Tull’s surviving relatives (children of his older brother) and covers Tull’s legacy, which is now promulgated as a role model to children growing up in his old neighborhoods.

In addition to Walter Tull: Forgotten Hero, BBC TV also produced the fictionalized Walter’s War. But this documentary is the film to watch if you want to really learn about Walter Tull.

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