Atlético San Pancho (2001)

‘Atlético San Pancho’ (2001) cows and Coca Cola



When a red Coca Cola soccer ball falls from the sky, the school janitor takes this as a sign that he must revive the soccer tradition of his village. With the help of a former pro who has come home to run his father’s tiny store, janitor Don Pepe assembles team Atlético San Pancho. The school team progresses to the Coca Cola Championship game, played in the Azteca stadium.

The anglicized title is Never Too Young to Dream. It’s pretty much Mighty Ducks in a small Mexican village, but without a bad boy coach. Or even any bad boys. It’s an all-round very nice, harmless movie good for kids.

The soccer is okay; the little boys score fancy goals (scorpion, bicycle, u-name-it). There is a bit of innocent romance. Umbro and Coke have a lot of product placement. Plus, the team’s uniform is a cow pattern, which is everywhere. If your girlfriend collects cow things, surprise her and rent this movie!

5 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 5


  • Release Date: 2001-10-21 (Columbia)
  • In Spanish with English subtitles
  • English title is Never too Young to Dream
  • IMDB
  • Director: Gustavo Loza
  • Watch the Trailer in Spanish