Notes: Best and Worst soccer movies in 2016

I reviewed 20 films in 2016

For my last post of 2016, I’m starting a new feature:  a ranked list of all the soccer movie reviews this past year. Most of these were not released in 2016. But I figure newspaper reviewers write about what’s coming out now on DVD, so I’m recognizing the year’s best soccer movie regardless of release date. Within a numerical Rating, movies are sorted alphabetically by title.

2016 Best Soccer Film:

  • Kasper Barfoed’s 2015 film: Sommeren ‘92
  • Such a pleasure to watch, as I had not rated a movie as a “10” for several years.

2016 Worst Soccer Film:

  • Steven Nijjar’s 1995 film:  The Final Goal
  • But even though I ranked it as a 4, it’s watchable.
Sommeren ’92R102015dramaDEN
La Dream TeamR92016comedyFR
Pelé: Birth of a LegendR82016dramaUSA
Dennis Viollet: A United ManR72016docuGB-USA
In the GameR72015docuUSA
Inshallah, FootballR72010docuIndia
Planet FIFAR72016docuFR
Redemption SongR72016documUSA
Soccer’s Hard MenR71992docuGB
Walter Tull: Forgotten HeroR72008docuGB
No Ball GamesR62012shortGB
The Magnificent ElevenR52012comedyGB
Walter’s WarR42008dramaGB
The Final GoalR41995dramaCAN
The 20 soccer movies and football films I reviewed in 2016

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