Best and Worst Soccer Movies of 2017

I reviewed 35 films in 2017

In 2017, an increasing number of soccer movies appeared on Amazon Prime and Netflix, most of them released in the last 3 years. As a result, I reviewed 35 films in 2017 as compared to 20 in 2016.

Of the 35 films, 75% were documentaries, and few had theatrical distribution. Eoin O’Callaghan worked hard to put Celtic Soul, his soccer buddy film with Jay Baruchel, in theaters worldwide.

Here are the best and worst of all the football films reviewed this year. Within a numerical Rating, movies are sorted alphabetically by title.

2017 Best Soccer Films:

My two best films this year both focus on fan supporters groups. TIFOs are Us!

  • In Ayaktakimi (2015), Naz Gündogdu and Friedemann Pitschak cover the Turkish government’s use of Passolig, a mandatory Fan ID system, to stifle supporters groups.
  • In Save the Crew: The Fans vs The System (2017), Sean Kelly exposes the falsehoods perpetrated by MLS Commissioner Don Garber and MLS owner Anthony Precourt in order to justify the relocation of the Columbus Crew to Austin, Texas.

2017 Worst Soccer Film:

Overall, the films that became easily available to watch this year were generally pretty good. There was only one real stinker, and sadly it is a kids movie.

  • Monkey in the Middle (2014), also known as It’s a Zoo in Here is brought to you by a Canadian writer-director aptly named Dyck.
Ayaktakimi92015docuTUR GER
Save The Crew: The Fans vs The System92017docuUSA
The Romanov Revolution82005docuSCO
The March of the White Elephants82015docuAUS BRA
The People of Nejmeh82015docuFRA LIB
Concrete Football (Ballon sur bitume)82016docuFRA
Craiova versus craiova82016docuBRA ROU
K-9 World Cup82016kidsMEX
San Bernardino Alive and Kicking82016docuUSA
Russia’s Hooligan Army82017docuGB
Laduma! Benin’s Journey72011docuUSA, GB
Campo de Jogo (Sunday Ball)72014docuBRA
Going Pro: American Soccer72014docuUSA
Jack to a King72014docuGB
George Best: All by Himself72016docuESPN,GB
Jules and Dolores72016comedyBRA
Les Bleus72016docuFRA
The Other Kids72016docuESP UGA
The Streets Don’t Lie72016docuAUT GB
Gold Stars: The Story of the FIFA World Cup Tournaments72017docuFIFA
Men in the Arena72017docuUSA
Como no te voy a Querer62008dramaMEX
For the Glory62012dramaUSA
Eighteam62014docuZAM ESP
New Generation Queens62015docuUSA ZAN
Celtic Soul62016docuCAN IRL
Desert Fire62016docuGB Kurd
The Nation Holds Its Breath62016shortIRL
Meanwhile in Mamelodi52011docuGER RSA
The Trophy Thief42015shortAUS
Monkey in the Middle22014kidsCAN

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