Monkey in the Middle (2014) - It's a Zoo in Here

‘Monkey in the Middle’ (2014) has one redeeming grace



This film is a reason to hate Canada—for producing a movie that is such a chore to watch. Monkey in the Middle—or as it’s titled on Netflix, It’s a Zoo in Here—has one redeeming grace. Graham Zusi (known as Saint Zusi to Mexico fans) is the inspiration when the main character takes a free kick.

The Story

In the story, Chris (Jacob Horsley) moves in with his clueless Dad in a new town. He joins a soccer team where the girl goalkeeper (Soma Chhaya) is also a 12 year old animal rights activist. Mara’s goal is to set free the animals in a traveling zoo, and Chris ends up hiding a monkey in his house.

On the field, he has to compete with a bullying soccer star for Mara’s affections. At home, he’s video-chatting with his mom and hiding the monkey from his Dad, who is furiously writing a new app while being sexually harassed by his female boss. Uh, yeah…

The movie equivalent of a puppy mill

Apparently there are a couple of production companies in Canada that are like puppy mills for kid and dog movies. Brain Power Studio and Writer-Director Justin G. Dyck are at fault for this one. Even my husband begged me to turn this movie off. Other than this film, I love Canada and hope I don’t have to move there some day.

Besides discordant sub-plots, the acting is so poor you want to be like the 3 wise monkeys

Graham Zusi

Other than the snippets of Zusi’s playing, the soccer is very bad too, an insult to football.

Here’s a tidbit I learned about Graham Zusi: he doesn’t wear dreadlocks because he already gets mistaken for Kyle Beckerman too often.

2 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 2