Broke (2022)

‘Broke’ (2022) is launching new careers

Broke is a short film created by ONEIGHTY, a production company of ex-footballers trying to pursue new careers in the film industry. This is not a happy film but it certainly represents many young players who fail to become professional footballers. Food for thought.

From their website:

Broke is an amalgamation  of countless football players’ experiences, whose entire identities are wrapped up in the game and who are then left feeling lost and directionless when that part of their identity is ripped away from them.

The film stars Moe Hashim, who plays Swiss footballer Moe Bumbercatch in Ted Lasso. Moe is also part of ONEIGHTY.

Also note that Writer-Director William Miller starred as Oliver Twist in the 2007 mini series.

6 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 6