El Crack (2011)

The no-talent path to becoming ‘El Crack’ (2011)

With absurdist humor, Chileano Writer-Director Nicolás López delivers a Southpark-like tale in El Crack. Freddy (Ariel Levy), who calls himself Mr. Fantasia, fancies himself a top forward with fame in his future. But the only reason he gets any playing time is because his wife murders his competitors.

According to IMDB, this movie was made for TV with a $100k budget, but it feels like a feature film. The story is clever, and the acting is terrific. There is only a little soccer play, and most of it is to show how talentless Freddy is. But his passion to play, his coach’s passion to win, and his wife’s passion to support her hapless husband make convincing comedy.

Chilean humor?

According to IMDB, López’s early films are similarly absurd and include storylines such as a boy who is constantly interrupted while trying to toss off, and a love affair between a man and a plant.

Someone told me that ‘El Crack’ is slang for a forward in futbol. But I think it also means ‘the best’.

7 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 7