Drama Kids

Alexis Sanchez is a Maravilla in ‘Mi Amigo Alexis’ (2019)

Mi Amigo Alexis (2019)
My Friend Alexis

Mi Amigo Alexis has been released on Netflix in the USA without fanfare. Which is puzzling to me, because this is one of the best and highest-quality family-friendly soccer movies to arrive since Bend it Like Beckham. That being said, My Friend Alexis is not a comedy, not a film where you giggle along with your child while watching. It has some serious themes that you might need to discuss with your child afterwards. 


A Chilean, Peruvian and Argentine meet cute in ‘Lusers’ (2015)

Lusers (2015)

Lusers is a delightful comedy of cultural differences as strangers from 3 countries travel the Amazon basin to the WC 2014 final in Brazil. Each of the trio (a Chilean, a Peruvian and an Argentine) is escaping a personal problem (thus a loser), but the trip presents even more challenges. They wreck their vehicle, are pursued by a hitman, are captured by an indigenous tribe, and discover a stolen relic.

Comedy Short

Sexy, funny Chilean ‘Lady Futbol’ (2005)

infieles logo

Lady Fútbol is a 2005 comedic episode of Infieles, a Chilevisión adult TV series about infidelity. A young wife in a sewing factory is ignored by her husband, who is more interested in football.

Her boss suggests that turnaround is fair play, and she should join the factory womens football team. Besides drinking and staying out late, a side benefit is the coach with fabulous abs, who is all over the new recruit.

Documentary Short

‘The Opposition’ (2014) – Chile’s national stadium used for torture

ESPN 30 for 30: The Opposition (2014)

I watched The Opposition last year but didn’t write about it because the film was so disturbing. This ESPN 30 for 30 TV episode documents how General Pinochet’s junta tortured and killed dissidents. They used the Chilean national stadium as a prison while the team prepared to qualify for WC 1974.


The no-talent path to becoming ‘El Crack’ (2011)

el crack (2011)

With absurdist humor, Chileano Writer-Director Nicolás López delivers a Southpark-like tale in El Crack. Freddy, who calls himself Mr. Fantasia, fancies himself a top forward with fame in his future. But the only reason he gets any playing time is because his wife murders his competitors.


‘Barras Bravas’ (2004) Chilean West Side Story in a car

Barras Bravas (2004)

Barras Bravas (originally titled Azul y Blanco) is a very low budget Chilean spin on West Side Story — but without music, soccer, or any entertainment value. Two rival gangs, who belong to different supporters groups (barras bravas), drive around looking for each other and their two star-crossed lovers so they can have knife fights and kill each other.


‘Historias de Fútbol’ (1997) is like soccer Babel

Soccer Stories (1997)

Soccer Stories, or Historias de Fútbol, consists of 3 short stories set in Chile, but none of them are worth your time.