Eleven Men Out (2005)

‘Eleven Men Out’ (2005) is not like Iceland at all

Eleven Men Out is not really a soccer movie. It has 30 seconds of soccer and a lot of sexuality, mostly gay (rated R). As a character says, there is not much else to do in Iceland.

A top player comes out of the closet, switches to a team that has some gays, the straights quit, and the team becomes all gay. They win the league because the other teams forfeit.

In the end, the team inspires an uplifting gay pride parade. But other than the parade, this movie is dark & depressing. All of the characters are unsympathetic, mean, and unpleasant.

I can understand why Vikings, after being stuck on a boat with people like this, would run around killing everybody once they land.

There is one scene where the referee’s nose is broken, and with bloody face, he finishes out the game. They must be really tough in Iceland.

Update 2016: I finally made it to Iceland this summer, and the characters in this film are nothing like the Icelandic people I met. In fact, Icelandic culture is to maintain an extremely positive and flexible attitude, because that’s what it takes to get through Nordic winters. And from what I learned on the trip, most Vikings were farmers and traders.

1 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 1