Review: Her Best Move (2007)

Her Best Move (2007) tmdb posterFamily friendly, Her Best Move rises above the other teen/kid soccer movies in the authenticity of the players and the story. The actors and extras have soccer skills that are well captured by the cinematography.

The story accurately portrays the trade-offs and stresses on soccer prodigies as well as their families and coaches.

Sadly, the movie is not as entertaining as the stories behind the movie:

  • Norm Hunter, the writer-director-producer, was a dad soccer coach in CYSA-North. After making his fortune in manufacturing, at age 45, he started a film studio, and this was his first feature film (it may have gone straight to DVD).
  • Leah Pipes, who plays the 15 year old trying to make the national team, is a soccer player. She plays well, and her teammates look like club, college, or pro players.
  • There are team practices with large Bay Area Cyberrays banners in the background, and one session has Brandi Chastain and Sissi on the field, even tho the team and the WUSA folded in 2003. There is also footage of the WUSA Boston Breakers and Mia Hamm.
  •  If you want to see highly skilled women doing a lot of good dribbling and good moves, this is the film to see. I haven’t seen action like this even in soccer drill videos; it is very well done by cinematographer Paul Ryan, as discussed here:
  • This is the first non-documentary that I am recommending to watch for the soccer, but not for the movie itself.

SoccerMovieMom Rating = 5


Release Date: 2007—03-31 (USA)
Director: Norm Hunter