Review: Johan (2005)

Johan (2005)

Johan is a very enjoyable dramedy/romance that, in a gentle way, shows that soccer is just a game, even in the Netherlands. The youngest in a family of 11 soccer-obsessed Dutch boys and their father, Johan doesn’t fit in because his obsession is music.

The other 10 sons become pros, so Johan becomes a “professional brother”, gaining favors through his association. His first love marries the 10th brother, a starter for Ajax, and Johan decides to win her back through his music.

Produced at a cost of $3M Euros, the movie is polished and well-done. Johan is a look-alike for Ashton Kucher. The plot is quite clever in how it resolves the brothers’ romantic dilemma. As far as soccer, there is a lot of juggling, and it could be that some of the brothers are real soccer pros. There is some Ajax footage.

Johan is one of the few soccer films directed by a woman and also quite financially successful.

The DVD from Netflix is in Dutch with English sub-titles but no ability to turn them off.

7 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 7


Release Date: 2005-10-06 (Netherlands)
Director: Nicole van Kilsdonk