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‘Lethal Soccer Mom’ (2018): Not Worth Watching in a Lifetime

Lethal Soccer Mom (2018)

The last time I watched a film with Lethal in the title must have been Lethal Weapon 2, 3, 4, or 5. (Is there a Lethal Weapon 5?) I figured Lethal Soccer Mom was a click-bait film that would be a grind to watch.


‘Monkey in the Middle’ (2014) has one redeeming grace

Monkey in the Middle (2014)

This film is a reason to hate Canada—for producing a movie that is such a chore to watch. Monkey in the Middle—or as it’s titled on Netflix, It’s a Zoo in Here—has one redeeming grace. Graham Zusi (known as Saint Zusi to Mexico fans) is the inspiration when the main character takes a free kick.

Comedy Cultural Documentary

A buddy trip through Ireland and its ‘Celtic Soul’ (2016)

Celtic Soul (2016)

Jay Baruchel and Eoin O’Callaghan drive across Ireland in search of Jay’s Irish roots and their shared Celtic Soul. It’s a self-described collection of lovely moments tied together within the larger context of what it means to be an immigrant, to be Irish, and to be a fan of Celtic FC.


‘The Final Goal’ (1995) is a unique kung fu soccer movie

The Final Goal (1995)

Is this worth watching? When Erik Estrada has top billing, you know it’s going to be cheezy. The best line in The Final Goal is when Estrada’s henchman tells him, “You should have been an actor.”

Estrada is the bad guy bribing 6 players to lose a semi-final game in the Global Cup. The only thing in his way is backup goalkeeper Steven Nijjar, who BTW is also a master of martial arts.


‘Downtown Dawgs’ (2010) – a homeless team honestly portrayed

The logo for the defunct Calgary Street Soccer, organizers of the Downtown Dawgs (2010)

Brothers Kevin and Mike Scullion originally intended to create a fictional movie about homeless men joining a soccer team. Instead, they ended up documenting the Downtown Dawgs’ journey from a Calgary drop-in shelter to the 2010 Homeless World Cup in South Africa.


The reviews deserve to be harsh for ‘Fondi ’91’ (2013)

Fondi '91 (2013)

Fondi ’91 follows a team of 16 year old Jersey boys who travel to the small town of Fondi, Italy in 1991 to play in a soccer tournament. Some of the boys are very randy and keen to hook up with Italian fillies or stallions.