Rovers (2016)

‘Rovers’ (2016) warm as toast before Ted Lasso



Rovers is a thoroughly enjoyable comic series that only ran one season for 6 episodes. Director and star Craig Cash has a history of comedic series and successes, and it’s a shame that this show didn’t run longer.

The series centers around supporters rather than players, but Rovers leaves you with a feel-good aura similarly to Ted Lasso. If you can’t get enough Ted Lasso, try watching Rovers.

Fan Pete and bar manager Doreen are the glue that holds together the small band of supporters of a non-league club called Redbridge Rovers FC. As in the series Cheers, the supporters are regulars of the clubhouse and bar and that’s where most of the scenes take place.

A Great Cast

The ensemble cast is diverse with a large set of issues:

  • Pete (Craig Cash) is divorced and wants to imbue his son with a love of the game, but the little boy is more keen to vacuum the facility.
  • Doreen (Sue Johnston) has managed the bar since her husband, a former Rover, passed away 25 years earlier.
  • Tel (Steve Speirs) is Pete’s boyhood best friend who has suddenly come out of the closet.
  • Tel’s new younger boyfriend Mel (Seb Cardinal) lives to fatten Tel up and wants to learn to appreciate football.
  • Tom (Jamie Demetriou) is a dim-witted young man who would be homeless had Pete not taken him in.
  • Sam (Lolly Adefope) is the new barmaid with a bad boyfriend.
  • Willy (Pearce Quigley) is a 47 year old virgin who dotes on his blind but domineering mother.
  • Mandy (Diane Morgan) is after Willy, Lord knows why.

The characters are all fairly accepting of each other, and while nothing much happens, I was entranced by each character’s little story. It’s a very fine cast that I wanted to watch for another season or two. As Craig Cash said, they created “a world that is both laugh out loud funny and as warm as toast”.

Soccer travel website – Ground Hopper Guides

While researching this series, I came across a review of it by Ground Hopper Guides. Paul Gerald created his website and a 375-page travel and cultural guide to all things soccer in England. Obviously, since he calls it soccer, he is American. I have to tip my hat to a fellow football fan who has actually read “Hooper’s Revolution”, although I suspect he must be from Portland, Oregon.

8 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 8