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‘The Hooligan Factory’ (2014): Who knew hooligans were so funny?

The Hooligan Factory (2014)

Who knew that soccer hooligan movies are a genre? And that they have been so successful that 2014 was a good time for someone to spoof them? The Hooligan Factory sat in my Amazon Prime watchlist for quite awhile because I assumed it was just another hooligan movie.


‘Mean Machine’ (2001) soccer’s version of ‘The Longest Yard’

Mean Machine (2001)

Burt Reynolds’ The Longest Yard is one of my favorite movies, and Mean Machine is almost as good. This British soccer version, starring former EPL player Vinnie Jones, stays pretty close to the original story.


‘The Other Half’ (2006) one long joke

The Other Half (2006)

The Other Half is a long drawn-out joke. An England fan plans a honeymoon in Portugal so that he can sneak off to England’s three Euro 2004 games. The complication is that his American wife doesn’t even know he’s a soccer fan, and her father has paid for the honeymoon.


‘The Football Factory’ (2004) makes war without weapons

The Football Factory (2004)

I almost never watch war movies or dramas, but watching the 2004 British movie The Football Factory was like watching a war movie without weapons.