The Other Half (2006)

‘The Other Half’ (2006) one long joke

The Other Half is a long drawn-out joke. An England fan plans a honeymoon in Portugal so that he can sneak off to England’s three Euro 2004 games. The complication is that his American wife doesn’t even know he’s a soccer fan, and her father has paid for the honeymoon.

The DVD for this low-budget movie has a “making of” extra where the first-time writer-directors whine about how hard it was to get the movie done, how the crew was only served granola bars, how they had no permit to film in Portugal, yadda yadda yadda. Since I watched that first, it gave me a clue that this wasn’t going to be a very good movie. The second clue was that these guys haven’t been able to get another film job since.

There is no soccer in this movie. There are various crowd scenes from outside the stadium at Euro 2004. Vinnie Jones has about 2 minutes of screen time when he shows up in the husband’s dream sequences. The story includes an unexplained camera crew called “Eye on the Ball” that follows the couple around… must be an English joke?

Don’t waste your time unless you’re a Danny Dyer fan.

3 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 3