‘Democracia em Preto e Branco’ (2014) politics football and rock ‘n roll

Democracia em Preto e Blanco (2014)
Democracy in Black and White

What foments political change? What makes a people realize they deserve a say in how their lives are run? This documentary convinces us the answer is combining politics with football and rock ’n roll.


‘The 99ers’ (2013) a unique insider view of 1999 USWNT

ESPN Nine for IX logo

I almost passed up watching The 99ers on my ESPN+ subscription, because I thought I had already ‘seen it all’ about the 1999 USWNT. But what a mistake if you miss watching this episode of the espnW Nine for IX series. IX in this case refers to Title IX, which required that colleges provide equal funding for womens and mens sports. 

Cultural Documentary

In ‘Forever Pure’ (2016) it hurts to watch the bad guys win

Forever Pure (2016)

As told to Director Maya Zinshtein, what goes on in a stadium is not just a mirror of society, but indicates the direction society is going.

Forever Pure is a uniquely panoptic film of soccer and society. We see that football clubs can be a toy for oligarchs, a tool for politicians, a burning torch for militant supporters groups, a trauma for its players and staff, and a testament that the good guys don’t always win.


The Danish giant-killers of ‘Sommeren ’92’ (2015)

Sommeren '92 (2015)

Small country. Wasn’t supposed to be there. Fairytale run. Are we talking about Iceland at Euro 2016? Nope! Before Iceland’s feel-good story, there was a more unbelievable tale. In Sommeren ’92, Writer-Director Kasper Barfoed immortalizes Denmark’s giant-killing performance at the 1992 UEFA European Championship. 

Cultural Documentary

Traveling the world to play pickup ‘Pelada’ (2010)

Pelada (2010)

This documentary follows a pair of collegiate players who, unable to make a pro soccer team, channel their competitive-soccer addiction by traveling the world looking for Pelada — not a drug, but a Brazilian word for pick-up game.

Comedy Cultural Drama

Soccer fans bind together in ‘La Gran Final’ (2006)

La Gran Final (2006)
The Great Match (2006)

Soccer cannot unite the world. But for a few hours, the motivation to watch a game allows people to set aside their differences. La Gran Final is a triptych of disappearing cultures joining with the modern forces that swallow them, to watch, with ebullient shared enthusiasm, the 2000 World Cup Final of Germany versus Brazil.

Cultural Romance

‘Bend It Like Beckham’ (2002) tops soccer movie box office

Bend It Like Beckham (2002)

Bend It Like Beckham proves that when a story is close to the heart, it can make an outstanding soccer movie and family film. At $78M, BILB is probably the top-grossing soccer movie of all time (made for ~$7M).