Review: La Gran Final (2006)

La Gran Final (2006)

Soccer cannot unite the world. But for a few hours, the motivation to watch a game allows people to set aside their differences. La Gran Final is a triptych of disappearing cultures joining with the modern forces that swallow them, to watch the WC2000 Final of Germany-Brazil with great enthusiasm.

In Niger, fans get off a “bus” to join Tuareg camel nomads; they use a metal tree as an antenna in the middle of the desert. In the Altai mountains of Mongolia, nomads have changed their historic routes to follow the electric lines so that they can watch TV, but they must deal with the soldiers guarding against stolen power. In the Brazilian Amazon, Kaapor Indians become friendly with the sawmill workers who are decimating their forrest.

The cinematography is wonderful–like watching National Geographic. The soccer is limited to the actual game footage as shown on 12″ TV screens.

This movie is well worth watching, and you come away feeling strangely peaceful.

Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 10


Release Date: 2006-02-13 (Berlin)
Director: Gerardo Olivares