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Ossie Ardiles between England and ‘White, Blue and White’ (2014)

White, Blue and White is an ESPN 30 for 30 documentary that examines the effect of the Falklands War on Argentines Osvaldo Ardiles and Ricardo Villa. After winning WC 1978* in Buenos Aires, they are recruited by newly promoted Tottenham to become the first Argentines to play in the England First Division.

They are wildly successful until Argentina’s ruling junta invades the Falkland Islands (Islas Malvinas) in 1982. Ossie’s fighter pilot cousin is killed in the conflict between Argentina and the United Kingdom.

The film has a lot of game footage to demonstrate how good Ossie Ardiles was. It also offers a glimpse of the life he had with Tottenham during the good times. Much screen time is devoted to Ossie’s regret about the young lives lost in the war, like that of his cousin. The two players and the film crew visit the Argentine and British graves in the Falklands, where Ossie loses control of the car on a gravel road. The vehicle rolls over, and he ends up in the care of the British military hospital.

While it is interesting to follow Ossie down memory lane, this is not a compelling film. Unlike the 30 for 30 film The Opposition, this episode merely alludes to the political issues around WC 1978: the protests, killings, torture, and the Disappeared. But these are not addressed because Ossie professes to have been largely unaware.

Ossie continued to play and then manage in England and around the world. He also appeared in the movie Victory. It appears Ossie lives in England and raised his family there.

  • Note: Maradona was only 17 at the time of WC 1978 and didn’t make the roster until WC 1982, where the team fared poorly. WC 1986 was his Hand of God tournament. White, blue, and white, are the colors of the Argentine National Team jersey

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  • Release Date: 2014-07-01 (ESPN)
  • Mostly in Spanish with English subtitles
  • A little over 50 minutes long
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  • Director: Camilo Antolini