Argentina Fútbol Club (2010)

‘Argentina Fútbol Club’ (2010) es soporific

I had trouble understanding the title of Argentina Fútbol Club. This is not the name of an actual club, and the documentary describes itself as a brief chronicle of the rivalry between Argentine clubs Boca and River Plate.

I became aware of this documentary on the Kicking & Screening Media Group website. There is a version on youtube without sub-titles, and I ended up watching a 52-minute version on the KickTV youtube channel.

The official synopsis says the film reveals “an unparalleled passion that reverberates far beyond the pitch,” but frankly for me, it failed to communicate emotion or a real sense of Argentina, so that I fell asleep watching it. It was also hindered by a lack of consistent sub-titling so that there is a lot of Spanish being spoken that it is never translated. Another problem is that game footage is shown without identification of the match, its significance, or its players.

Which is too bad, because it has a very engaging trailer whose scenes are the best in the documentary.

River, El Más Grande Siempre is much better at capturing the excitement of the fans and providing an explanation of its rivalry with Boca.

4 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 4