Big Brother Trouble (2000)

‘Big Brother Trouble’ (2000) good soccer but not entertaining



Big Brother Trouble is a terribly boring kids movie from Hemisphere Entertainment. An 11 year old boy is infatuated with his new 16 year old neighbor, but he becomes outraged that she is attracted to his big brother, a star soccer player.

Character actor Bo Hopkins plays the town mafioso who tries to get big brother to fix the point spread on the big game. First he tries bribing him, and then he kidnaps him. Little bro and buddies to the rescue.

A lot of the movie centers around the younger boy’s G-rated fantasies about the girl, and it’s just not entertaining. Mario Lopez is the soccer coach. Calling him an actor is such an exercise in futility.

There is a bit of fairly skilled youth soccer play, perhaps culled from the fields at Santa Clarita.

3 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 3

(rating uplifted by the soccer skill)