US Soccer history should not forget ‘Redemption Song’ (2016)

Redemption Song (2016)

Redemption Song is an important piece to watch on US soccer and Afro-American history. It is the true story of the Howard University all-black Mens Soccer team, compressed into a woefully short 16 minutes.

The team won the 1971 NCAA championship, only to see it perhaps unjustly vacated and the team put on probation. To prove their excellence, the players fought back to win the NCAAs again in 1974.

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Sexy, funny Chilean ‘Lady Futbol’ (2005)

infieles logo

Lady Fútbol is a 2005 comedic episode of Infieles, a Chilevisión adult TV series about infidelity. A young wife in a sewing factory is ignored by her husband, who is more interested in football.

Her boss suggests that turnaround is fair play, and she should join the factory womens football team. Besides drinking and staying out late, a side benefit is the coach with fabulous abs, who is all over the new recruit.

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‘The Opposition’ (2014) – Chile’s national stadium used for torture

ESPN 30 for 30: The Opposition (2014)

I watched The Opposition last year but didn’t write about it because the film was so disturbing. This ESPN 30 for 30 TV episode documents how General Pinochet’s junta tortured and killed dissidents. They used the Chilean national stadium as a prison while the team prepared to qualify for WC 1974.

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