Garrincha, Lonely Star (2003) - Garrincha - Estrela Solitaria

‘Garrincha, Lonely Star’ (2003) wasn’t all that lonely

Manuel Francisco dos Santos, commonly known as Mané Garrincha, was second only to Pelé as one of Brazil’s greatest players. Garrincha – Estrela Solitária is a docudrama that shows his dribbling flair on the field and his sexual exploits.

Mostly the film covers his life and many women. He continually impregnated wife, mistress, and others, leading to at least 14 children, almost all daughters. Covering all these affairs requires frequent sex scenes showing a high degree of appreciation for the Brazilian Butt (the story is told during Carnaval).

Garrincha was born with bent legs in an indigenous Indian tribe known as the Fulniô. His nickname Garrincha came from the antwren-like birds that he liked to keep as pets. By the end of his short life (49 years), the illiterate and broken-down Garrincha was penniless, forgotten, alone, and demented from alcoholism. His major love, samba singer Elza Soares, sings during the closing titles.

The FIFA website has video of Garrincha in world cup play. 7 years older than Pele, their combined efforts lead to Brazil’s World Cup championships in 1958 and 1962.

4 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 4


  • Release Date: 2003-10-06 (Rio de Janeiro)
  • In Brazilian Portuguese with English subtitles
  • Original title is Garrincha – Estrela Solitária
  • English title is Garrincha – Lonely Star
  • IMDB
  • Director: Milton Alencar
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