Home Team (1999)

‘Home Team’ (1999) is Steve Guttenberg’s Mighty Ducks



Steve Guttenberg is well known for his successful movie franchises, and maybe that’s why he decided to star in his second soccer movie, Home Team. He also has done charity work for foster children, and in this family film, such kids help his character find redemption. The story is pretty much Mighty Ducks on a soccer pitch.

It’s not a bad movie — it could use tighter editing — but who was the target audience for this movie? Soccer movie nuts, Canadians, and maybe a few 8-10 year old boys? Guttenberg fans would have to be disappointed, because his acting is often over the top, and he looks like he’s been ridden hard and put away wet.

The soccer is sort of silly and mostly shot from the waist down, except the actor Johnny Morina appears to have some skill. One of the refs runs around with a whistle in his mouth, which no real referee will do. I dunno, watch this movie if you’re desperate.

Steve Guttenberg’s first soccer movie is The Big Green.

2 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 2