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Notes: Sorry for not posting lately



There are a few reasons why I have posted so little in 2022.

First is that I have been very busy in my volunteer role in the Portola Valley Wildfire Preparedness Committee.  Potential wildfire is a huge issue in California and in my town, which is entirely in the WUI (Wildland Urban Interface).

The second reason is that hubby and I have been watching The Gentleman’s League on Netflix. This is an extraordinarily fun series to watch, but it has been a huge commitment because there are now 35 episodes and each is 2 hours long. We only watch 1 hour at a time. It’s good but so time-consuming. But now, I have a great appreciation for South Korean soccer. 

Lastly, even though it is ostensibly a world cup year where soccer films generally arrive at a huge clip, there has been little to watch. Partially this is due to COVID, but it is also because COVID has changed the movie and TV distribution business. Films aren’t in theaters, and the streaming industry is developing most content as a series. I don’t want to subscribe to 10 different streaming services. And I can’t stand to watch 4 to 10 bloated episodes of something that just 3-4 years ago would have been a 90 minute film. It’s vexing and also demotivating to me, especially now that I have this wildfire role.

Maybe I’ll feel differently once I finish consuming The Gentlemen’s League.