Notes: Soccer in the year of COVID-19

We are all struggling to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic, as lives are lost and normalcy is completely disrupted. If you have been affected, I hope that you recover from your grief and trauma. If you are sheltering in place like I am, then I hope that holding onto something you enjoy gives you some respite from the world’s troubles. May this website be a small diversion for you.

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Notes: Best and Worst soccer movies in 2019

Best and Worst soccer movies in 2019
The 43+ soccer movies I reviewed in 2019

2019 was a Womens World Cup year, but unlike with the Men’s side, few producers timed their theatrical releases to the tournament. However, interest in football films and soccer movies continues to grow rapidly, so that my list of movies to watch grows much faster than the movies that are available to me. My to-watch list now numbers almost 600 whereas 2-3 years ago it was around 400.

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Amazon Prime soccer movies not worth your time

In the big battle for your streaming attention, Amazon Prime has licensed quite a few independent international movies related to football (soccer). I find less than half of these foreign films are OK, and the rest can be quite laborious to watch.

Rather than bail water in a sinking ship, I don’t want to spend a few hours researching and reviewing a film that’s not worth my time. Instead, I am going to just list those films here, in alphabetical order. I will update this post as other films arrive on Amazon.

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Notes: The Sea Life Guide to MLS Coaches

pixabay aquarium-725798_640

This list is a metaphor for 2019 MLS coaches expressed as various forms of sea life. I was inspired to write this after listening to Andrew Wiebe interview many MLS coaches for the @ExtraTimeRadio podcast.

  • Peter Verdes = Aquaman 🧜‍♂️🔱
  • Mike Petke & Brad Friedel = Killer Whales 🦈
  • Gio Savarese & Marc Dos Santos = Sharks 🦈
  • Brian Schmetzer & Jim Curtin = Dolphins 🐬
  • Caleb Porter = a Shark 🦈pretending to be a Dolphin 🐬
  • Chris Armas = the #Gulliest Seagull 🐦🐣
  • Matías Almeyda = an Octopus = a sentient being 🐙
  • GB Schelotto = a Premium Lobster 🦞
  • Bob Bradley = a massive Sea Turtle 🐢
  • Frank de Boer & Domènec Torrent = Whales in danger of extinction 🐳
  • Greg Vanney = Kelp 🌿
  • Adrian Heath = a Starfish hanging on tight ⭐️
  • James O’Connor = a Shrimp 🦐
  • Anthony Hudson = a Flounder 🐟

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Notes: San Jose Earthquakes stadium articles

Quakes Rally aug-2004

I had to clean out my desk and get rid of all my paper files. I found a few stadium-related articles I had saved from 2002-2007. That was a really dark time for Quakes fans. AEG couldn’t get the stadium deal it wanted, so MLS let them move the team to Houston.

I wanted to save these newspaper clippings, so I scanned them (so to speak) and created an 8.3 MB PDF. It’s too big to post on BigSoccer, so I’m putting the archive here for posterity.

Matt Doyle gets Medieval on Juan Carlos Osorio as USMNT coach

This is my transcript from the ExtraTime Radio podcast of Jun-25-2018 where Matt Doyle gave a ballistic and convincing rant on why Juan Carlos Osorio should not be USMNT coach. Go to 1:03:35 in the podcast. I wanted to preserve this brilliant rant for posterity. It reminded me of Ned Beatty’s Oscar-winning speech in the movie Network. My transcript is close but not perfect, and I’ve used some abbreviations… Continue reading “Matt Doyle gets Medieval on Juan Carlos Osorio as USMNT coach”

The Slavery Side of World Cup Soccer

Qatar Logo in Chains

If you follow soccer at all, you probably agree that FIFA is synonymous with corruption.

As we’ve learned since the FIFA Scandal erupted in 2015, much of the income of the so-called “non-profit” went into the pockets and personal bank accounts of its officers and those of the football associations that represent the 209 member nations. For a great summary of 40 years of FIFA corruption, watch Planet FIFA.
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Best and Worst Soccer Movies of 2017

In 2017, an increasing number of soccer movies appeared on Amazon Prime and Netflix, most of them released in the last 3 years. As a result, I reviewed 35 films in 2017 as compared to 20 in 2016.

Of the 35 films, 75% were documentaries, and few had theatrical distribution. Eoin O’Callaghan worked hard to put Celtic Soul, his soccer buddy film with Jay Baruchel, in theaters worldwide. Continue reading “Best and Worst Soccer Movies of 2017”

Notes: New front page for soccermoviemom

Many wordpress pundits tell you that to draw visitors, you need a compelling front page, also known as a landing page or home page. I was using the default wordpress home page of the most recent posts.

It turned out that to create an attractive static front page, I had to transition from the WordPress Twenty Sixteen theme to Twenty Seventeen. This  gives me full-width page templates for the front page, so that I do not get the top or side menus. It was also necessary to go full-width in order to use a page builder like Elementor.

Elementor is an exceptionally powerful free WordPress plugin. It has templates to create some very elegant webpages, which I obviously eschewed in favor of being more densely packed and informative, with few images. I apologize for the choice of colors, but the color picker in Elementor is not as controllable as Adobe. After a certain amount of frustration, I gave up and settled.

I also came across a bug in the use of tabs, and I wish Elementor used relative links within wordpress. I also discovered that the Elementor full-width static front page does not render the Google Analytics and Adsense tracking codes in header.php. I instead had to insert those tracking codes into the header of the new front page.

But other than that, I found the Elementor Page Builder plugin helped me create something different and surely more eye-catching. I’m going to track my google analytics to see how these changes affect my website traffic.

As always, if you have a question, use the Contact Me page.

Update May-9-2020:

A few months ago, I decided that the Elementor homepage was too slow. The WordPress Guttenberg editor allows me to duplicate most of the function of the Elementor page. It’s not as glitzy, but it gets the job done and seems to be faster.