Switching Goals (1999)

‘Switching Goals’ (1999) is so cute cute cute



A Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen made-for-TV soccer movie. Have I hit bottom? But no, Switching Goals is actually pretty good. Great family fun! Comedian David Steinberg directs the film with good pace and pulls many funny moments from the mom, dad, and other supporting characters. The 11-12 year old twins are their usual selves — remember, before they became drug-dealing party animals, they were the Justin Bieber of their day.

Although the Olsens have a soccer double, Alexi Lalas helped train them and has some screen time where two dads argue whether or not he is a greater player than Pelé. ha ha. Other than Alexi, the soccer is deplorable. The game is portrayed incorrectly with baseball and basketball rules/metaphors. Michael Cera has a few seconds on screen.

6 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 6