Yesterday's Hero (1979)

‘Yesterday’s Hero’ (1979) Football meets Suzanne Somers

Rod Turner (Ian McShane) is Yesterday’s Hero, a former big soccer star and womanizer drinking his way to the end of his career. The pop star owner of the third division Saints signs him for the semi-final game of the League Cup over the protestations of the team Manager.

Club owner Clint Simon (Paul Nicholas) is in unrequited love with fellow pop star Cloudy Martin (Suzanne Somers), who had her own unrequited groupie encounter with Rod back in the day. Can Rod continue to perform in every sense of the word?

A Jackie Collins disco dancing romance

I don’t know why this movie doesn’t show up on more soccer movie lists, as I found it quite entertaining. It is written by novelist Jackie Collins, who specializes in gossipy fiction that thinly veils Hollywood lives. The film should appeal to a broad base, with its romance novel storyline, soccer footage from a Southampton-Nottingham Forest League Cup Final, and a ton of disco-dancing pop music… Okay, so maybe that wouldn’t appeal to a lot of people.

This movie was a first-time film in many ways: first feature film for Director Neil Leifer (a renowned sports photographer), first starring roles for Somers and McShane, and first original story/screenplay by Jackie Collins.

Might be based on George Best

According to McShane, he used to drink with George Best in a pub owned by Collins, and that is probably why the film mirrors Best’s life. McShane’s father played for ManU, and so Ian has maintained contacts with the football community.

Suzanne Somers has a few Marilyn Monroe-like moments in the film (she was a Marilyn fan) and runs around braless throughout. I’m curious to know if she does her own singing in the film, but could not find any info about the soundtrack. She did this film hile she was still on the TV show that made her famous, “Three’s Company”.

6 Soccer Movie Mom Rating = 6


  • Release Date: 1979-11 (UK)
  • IMDB
  • WIKI
  • Director: Neil Leifer
  • Stars: Suzanne Somers , Ian McShane
  • I could not find a Trailer