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  • ‘The Ultimate Goal’ (2017) — inspirational or self-serving?

    ‘The Ultimate Goal’ (2017) — inspirational or self-serving?

    For a while, English footballer Dan Metcalfe was the soccer coach to the Stars of Hollywood, choreographing the soccer action and training the actors for films such as Will Ferrell’s Kicking and Screaming. In The Ultimate Goal , Metcalfe advances beyond an accessory role and adds Writer Director and Producer to his CV. This little…

  • A Liverpool to remember in ‘The End of the Storm’ (2020)

    A Liverpool to remember in ‘The End of the Storm’ (2020)

    At the end of the season, English clubs typically issue a compilation of highlight videos. But at the beginning of the 2019/2020 season, Liverpool felt they had a good chance to win the EPL. So they recruited James Erskine to follow the club season-long and work on a documentary, somewhat along the lines of the…

  • Review: ‘Sir Alex Ferguson – Never Give In’ (2021)

    Review: ‘Sir Alex Ferguson – Never Give In’ (2021)

    We just started subscribing to Paramount+, and I was delighted to see that one of the movies available was Sir Alex Ferguson – Never Give In. It’s a delightful documentary that shows the depths and roots of the man, and how his environment shaped his coaching career.

  • ‘King Otto’ (2021) wins your heart

    ‘King Otto’ (2021) wins your heart

    What does it mean to be Greek? King Otto shows us through the initial friction between and then a melding of German and Greek cultures on a football pitch. Combining ambitious German discipline with Greek passion and spirit, the result is an improbable underdog run through the 2004 Euros. Like Morocco’s recent run through WC…

  • Review: ‘The Gentlemen’s League 2’ (2021)

    Review: ‘The Gentlemen’s League 2’ (2021)

    The USA is not a world power in football, ostensibly because our best athletes play where the money is: football, basketball, and baseball. For years, American fans have lamented, “What if our best athletes played soccer?” In a delightful and amusing series, The Gentlemen’s League provides an answer from South Korea.

  • #WeCAN docuseries (2022) sends a World Cup message

    #WeCAN docuseries (2022) sends a World Cup message

    Canada Soccer’s #WeCAN World Cup Documentary Series is 7 enjoyable episodes that introduce you to the Band of Brothers who qualified for the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Fueled by his long love of Canadian soccer, Writer-Director Max Bell crafts a story of belief and build up that should convince Canadians they are destined…

  • ‘All or Nothing: Arsenal’ (2022) is All Arteta

    ‘All or Nothing: Arsenal’ (2022) is All Arteta

    Like its predecessor All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspurs, which focused on José Mourinho, the Arsenal series focuses on the equally good-looking manager Mikel Arteta during the 2021-2022 season. I’m not sure why anyone other than an Arsenal fan would want to watch this series.

  • Review: ‘Bilardo, the Soccer Doctor’ (2022)

    Review: ‘Bilardo, the Soccer Doctor’ (2022)

    Having reviewed so many Maradona films and series, I was sorely confused when I began to watch the Argentine docuseries Bilardo, el doctor del fútbol.  In all the Maradona shows I’ve seen, coach Carlos Bilardo is portrayed as a very minor but unpleasant character, someone who calls the shots for the Argentina NT but otherwise…

  • ‘Maradona in Mexico’ (2019) is his saving grace

    ‘Maradona in Mexico’ (2019) is his saving grace

    Amongst many other themes, the Netflix series Maradona in Mexico is about coaching and the power of belief. British Director Angus Macqueen follows Diego Maradona, the players and the staff of Dorados de Sinoloa, a second division club that hopes to be promoted to LigaMX in its 2018-2019 season.

  • There’s real coaching at ‘Real Kashmir FC’ (2019)

    There’s real coaching at ‘Real Kashmir FC’ (2019)

    Greg Clark’s documentary Real Kashmir FC makes you wonder if being a football coach is a career, a calling, or a sheer act of stubbornness. In the case of former Rangers player David Robertson, it appears to be a tasty stew of all three.

  • ‘In Search of Greatness’ (2018), born from creativity

    ‘In Search of Greatness’ (2018), born from creativity

    If we study the Great Ones of sport, we find there are many contributing factors to their success: motivation, competitiveness, mentors, resilience, discipline, talent, and luck. Writer-Director Gabe Polsky gives us examples of all that and adds one more trait, creativity, that extends across music, art, and other disciplines.

  • ‘The El Paso Conquest’ (2014) is an honest film

    ‘The El Paso Conquest’ (2014) is an honest film

    Feature length sports documentaries about real high school teams commonly focus on a theme of social good. In contrast, The El Paso Conquest covers the boys soccer team at Del Valle High School in El Paso, Texas in its ups and downs, but it avoids social themes.

  • ‘All or Nothing: Tottenham HotSpur’ (2020) showcases Mourinho

    ‘All or Nothing: Tottenham HotSpur’ (2020) showcases Mourinho

    The Amazon docuseries, All or Nothing: Tottenham Hotspur, directed by Anthony Philipson and produced by 72 Films, has a purpose that can’t be ignored. You can hear a small Gollum whispering in your ear: “Like us,” it says. “England’s biggest newest stadium,” it says. “José Mourinho is really a good guy,” it says. Wait, stop. Run…

  • Barça under Pep in ’Take the Ball Pass the Ball’ (2018)

    Barça under Pep in ’Take the Ball Pass the Ball’ (2018)

    The Year of the Pandemic has been wickedly bloodthirsty as it feasted on the faltering FC Barcelona. Internal scandals led to Barcelona’s crunching 2-8 exit in the 2019-2020 Champions League quarter-finals, the messy Messi situation, and the attempt of Barça’s fans to expel the board. Even if you’re not a Barça fan, it’s hard to watch…

  • A treasure for Leeds fans – ‘Do You Want to Win?’ (2017)

    A treasure for Leeds fans – ‘Do You Want to Win?’ (2017)

    I enjoyed Lee Hicken’s Take Us Home: Leeds United series so much, I was compelled to watch his earlier documentary on Leeds. Both are on Amazon Prime. Do You Want to Win covers Leeds’ last successful seasons in the early 1990s, when they won promotion to the top division and 2 years later won that division…

  • ‘Coach’ (2019) is 25 minutes of inspiration

    ‘Coach’ (2019) is 25 minutes of inspiration

    Sport Psychologist Courtney Carroll Levinsohn found out that SFSU coach Tracy Hamm was working on her UEFA A-license. Only 1% of such coaching licenses are held by women. Why not put this story on the screen and thereby normalize it? The result is Coach, 25 minutes of inspiration that tell women and girls, you can…

  • ‘Bobby Robson’ (2018) – his resilience defied vilification

    ‘Bobby Robson’ (2018) – his resilience defied vilification

    Bobby Robson: More than a Manager is an extraordinary compilation of Robson archive footage interspersed with A-list interviews of coaches and players he influenced. Before this film, I didn’t know who Robson was, but in his prime, he is so alive and captivating that I could have watched him for another 2 hours. It is…

  • ‘Coach Jake’ (2017) pays it forward

    ‘Coach Jake’ (2017) pays it forward

    With his bald head and authoritative, gnarly New York accent, I sometimes thought I was watching former US soccer coach Bob Bradley. But no, Coach Jake is about Martin Jacobson, an American high school soccer coach who is, in many ways, much more successful.

  • Notes: Matt Doyle gets Medieval on Juan Carlos Osorio as USMNT coach



    This is my transcript from the ExtraTime Radio podcast of Jun-25-2018 where Matt Doyle gave a ballistic and convincing rant on why Juan Carlos Osorio should not be USMNT coach. Go to 1:03:35 in the podcast. I wanted to preserve this brilliant rant for posterity. It reminded me of Ned Beatty’s Oscar-winning speech in the movie…

  • Review: ‘The Streets Don’t Lie’ (2017)

    Review: ‘The Streets Don’t Lie’ (2017)

    The Streets Don’t Lie is a 3-episode mini-series from the 2017 season of Red Bull TV. Each 27-minute episode follows former French International Djibril Cissé as he travels to London, Berlin, and Paris. In each city, he interviews 3 candidates, from which he selects one player to train with a Red Bull academy for one…