‘Make Us Dream’ (2018) – the price of giving your all

Make Us Dream (2018)

You don’t need to be a Liverpool fan to love Make Us Dream. But by the end of it, you may want to become an LFC supporter. Because Writer-Director Sam Blair brilliantly crafts the tale of Steven Gerrard so that his pain, his mission, and his love for club and city bind to your heart. When you watch this film, you believe the club is the man, and the man is the club. 

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The horror and coverup of ‘Hillsborough’ (2014)

30 for 30: Hillsborough (2014)

It’s fitting to review the ESPN film Hillsborough today, the 26th anniversary of the April 15, 1989 soccer stadium disaster where 96 Liverpool fans died from suffocation and crush injuries.

Director Dan Gordon is especially emotionally invested in this film because Hillsborough was his team’s home stadium, and he could easily have been one of the young people inside.

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